Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Zaha Hadid's life in buildings

Curves and unusual shapes  . Challenging conventions and changing architecture for ever .
 I always  enjoy watching her buildings -reading her story .

2017 Summer Courses at VCUQ for children and teens

These are popular courses where your kids and teens can learn new skills and socialize during the summer holidays at VCUQatar in Education City. You can choose from a variety of programs for various age groups in July / August. Classes start on July 9.

Iftar or Suhoor

When you are planning  an eating out with your loved ones at Ramadan you can take  into consideration
that late night meals called Suhoor in Arabic are much cheaper than the sunset meals called Iftar .

 For example this five star hotel offers a late night buffet dinner for QR 145 in a stylish tent set up for the fasting month .

Numbers in Qatar - 650 school staff

650 employees have been dismissed from various government schools across the country

those jobs are of administrative nature

Qatari candidates to occupy some administrative jobs


QAFCO Layali Al Khair - Al-Banush Club ,Mesaieed

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Where do Muslims tend to travel for Ramadan

Travelling for  the fasting month is a new trend . Travellers  take in consideration the climate , the  length of the days which  can make the fasting easier . So the top destinations nowadays are not the Middle Eastern countries  because of their hot weather , nor the European countries because of their long days in summer .

 This may change in the coming five years as Ramadan will move to the cooler months  .

 Now let's see the most popular  countries for Ramadan tourists .

1 . Malaysia

2 . Indonesia
4 .Turkey
5 Brunei
6 South Africa
7 Maldives
8 Iran
10 Jordan


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Affordable Iftar Dinners in Qatar 2017

 Eating out during the holy month of Ramadan  is popular option in Qatar . Not only the Muslims but the non-Muslims also wait for the restaurants open at sunset . So popular places are usually  jammed with hungry people .
 That is why  I try to discover new , unusual places at Ramadan . This is not  always a good choice . Last years for example I tried iftar buffet in a hotel which offered free food for kids under five  but no baby sitting or fun activities .   That iftar remains in my memories as the  worst eating out here . Kids were running , shouting  and touching food with hands then putting them back into the trays . They were throwing cutlery  and were climbing on dangerous places   Even though I am a patient and experienced mother - that was  too much for me too.
 But another year we went to a Persian restaurant in a mall - where we were the only guest opting for iftar . Their iftar menu was huge and tasty - the service was wonderful . I just feel sorry that they are located in a mall that I do not visit anymore for ethical reasons .

 So I am trying to inform my  readers about the Iftar Offers I find online or off line .
 My collection is different every year but you can browse my collections of the previous years .

 Happy Ramadan

  from Alma Wad
  editor of this blog


Qgrabs offers  

 Qgrab is the local page where coupons can be bought . You buy  the coupons then you print it and book an iftar . That is how it works .

 You had better buy them fast as they might run out  of vouchers .

1 .Warwick Doha Hotel -  Iftar  or Suhoor Buffet at the L’ auberge Restaurant  adults  QR 90 /kids call them for more info 
 this is a five star hotel near the Hamad hospital

2. Downtown Restaurant in the  West Bay

  Iftar buffet for two persons for QR 80

  this looks to be a very good offer

  and they have an outdoor section with playground

3 . La Bruschetta restaurant

   Ramadan Set Menu  per person QR 45

  this looks    a reasonable offer for pizza lovers
   you can get  one salad / one pizza or pasta and soft drink
 with the voucher
 it is recommended for Italian food lovers  and for those who  wish to avoid crowds


IKEA restaurant Ramadan Offer

yes , the Swedish furniture shop does not forget
about Ramadan - in their restaurant one can find

a set menu for QR 35 . This includes :Dish of the day with salad, soup and soft drink but other oriental dishes are available as well - They are open from sunset on Sunday - Wednesday Iftar to 11:30pm
Thursday - Saturday Iftar to 12:30am (midnight)

recommended for those who like canteen style eating without crowds or for those who plan a visit to the furniture store anyway


Apple bees  Iftar

Iftar Buffet  includes  salads , soups , appetizers + one selected entree  - all  for QR 99

reservation :44427753

 this is usually  a very crowded place - but i find that their popularity is not well deserved  -   the buffet is small  - the restaurant is jammed - I could not relax and enjoy the food last time  we were there

  DAIRY QUEEN  restaurant

 iftar meal QR 15  = 1 sandwich  and 1 small laban  and french fries
Crispy Chicken Meal or Classic With Cheese Meal for just QR 15.00! For delivery, call 44247272



 Ramadan drink, soup, salad, side order ( rice, chips and salsa), Main course and Taco sundae dessert.
Iftar menu is available between 6pm and 8:30pm only.
Papa John's

Ramadan Feast for 8 persons QR 149

 it includes 3 large Pizzas + 2 starters + soft drink

MRA Bakery N Restaurant

 Take away iftar QR 18
 Midnight buffet QR 15

 MRA The Taste Of Malabar, speacialis in  malabar delicacies, all types of halwas n sweets..
Call 4442 2072


Sushiminto Iftar QR 99 QR 49 for kids

 For Japanese food lovers

 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Sun-Sat)


Mado Turkey - Qatar

set menu QR 11o

Call 4436 4622

Ramadan festival at Katara

 You can expect various programs and events at the Katara Cultural Village during the fasting month .

 Religious lectures , Quran memorizing competitions , Play station  championship - FIFA2017 -brain games ( dama , domna , kerem , sabbah )  , fun traditional games , treasure hunting .

Exhibitions by local artists , live painting , palm tree exhibition , tea exhibition , various workshops

 and a lot more  - discover the beautifully lit area  with its indoor and outdoor activities .


 Treasure hunting is a fun game  - it us usually outdoors and not long after the iftar . So you have a chance to win as there are not big crowds there . At least this is what I saw  last time I visited the place .

 TEA EXHIBITION  sounds fun . I love  teas and hope to learn about them more .

PALM TREE EXHIBITION also seems interesting to me

date palm is mentioned 20 times in the Quran

it is a staple food around here - or at least it is used to be

still a much respected tree here decorating , parks , promenades , yards

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Numbers in the Middle East

Numbers of Qatar 7 million children

 Qatar provided educational opportunities for more than 7mn children ,created more than 300,000 jobs .

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Children uprooted


 an uprooted child travelling alone -  great scene  grabbing the loneliness of kids in similar situation very well - from a famous movie

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ruman restaurant - Souq Wakrah - review

It was a Friday afternoon that we decided to visit this restaurant . I had bought coupons and was very curious to see  this place and taste their dishes .

 We arrived around 5 pm . We were shocked to see that we were the only customers . The restaurant is situated inside the Souq not  at the seafront . There was a tree and some chairs in front of the restaurant and that looked inviting . However we were afraid from the flies and decided to go in . It was a charming Indian  interior in rustic style . At first glance I found it lovely until I noticed  those paintings in large baroque frames . They looked awful  and spoilt all the charm of pure village home .

The second shock came when we learnt they had no toilet we had to go outside nearly to the sea shore the find one !

We had to wait minimum 20 minutes though we were the only customers . My butter chicken was tasty but stale . The rice as well . I got stomach ache at once . My husband had mutton and he found it mediocre . Our son was the  happiest among us he liked their hamburgers very much .
Long story short  -  I had this "deja vue "  or " deja mangee" feel ... yes this is  the old Caravan restaurant's style dishes ! It reminded me that place very much !
That old restaurant that burnt down some years ago at the Ramada junction . And officially  they never reopened !  I remember then many people told about them " jack of all trades but master of nothing " -  and really this restaurant offered dishes from India , China , Nepal .
My greatest concern about their cuisine was that it was not fresh at all .!

We had the dessert outside under a tree . The sea smell reached this terrace , the heat was bearable - we were sitting and relaxing  there watching the small clouds in the blue sky . It was nice and memorable . What a luck that nobody can put baroque paintings on the sky - i thought . If one day I return then it will be for these chairs and tree  and the memory of the sky .

 If I long for Indian flavours in the future I  would choose rather Zaoq or Black pepper  .

Saturday, May 13, 2017

KidzMondo Doha & Qatar Airways

 At KidzMondo Doha, Qatar
Airways  offers a role play

for children . They can act as
passengers, as well as airline staff ,
within the specially-adapted real
aircraft model.What a great experience  !

 It is not cheap at all ! The entrance fee is
135 rials  for kids 90 rials for chaperons /parents
 no food is allowed - you have to buy food inside the place
  however for this money the  child can play all day long !

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The Park Bazaar has been extended through to the holy month of Ramadan.

"During the holy month of Ramadan the Park Bazaar will be open every Saturday from 5pm to Midnight.​"
expat Qatar