Wednesday, November 28, 2007

some of my designs

Where are you from ? -asked me the woman at the registration desk .
From Hungary .
Sorry , the computer does not accept that .I can not give you an appointment this way .
Go and register with us again .

Whaere are you from ?
No . the computer does not accept that . Could you spell that ?
H. U. N. G. A R.Y
OK, habibti , now everything seems to be all right - you can ask for an appointment now .

Friday, November 23, 2007

LE PAIN QUOTODIENNE that IS A CAFE- RESTAURANT IN Doha Villagio mall .Friday morning we went to the Aspire Zone playground with the kids .We planned also a breakfast after inside the Villagio.
To our greatest shock most of the buffets were closed -not serving breakfast . Le pain quotodienne was open .We had to wait around 15 minutes for a croissant and a mochacino and a little bottle of Fanta .The hot drinks were served in bowls and the food came on a chopping board .Everything is" organic" there -so every thing is expensive .It is O.K.when about the food . But what makes a little bottle of Fanta cost 8 rial there ?
I saw some British families happy with the place .
I would not choose this cafe as " my daily bread " even if I could afford it .To my taste this place was plain , boring and overpriced .

iphoneis a new internet based mobile- and it is not available yet in Qatar .Still some residents of Doha have it from abroad and the great thing about it is that one can make free calls from some parks and Corniche where the wireless internet is free .
I remember- the first time when my husband came to Qatar and we were still in Hungary- he had spent a real fortune on calling us .Now all this can be arranged for free .The iphone itself is about $600 .
Who has ever thought that such positive changes will take place ?
HEALTH SERVICE TO BE REFORMED In Qatar .As far as I understood the new system would mean that the Qatari gov. stops subsidizing the local health service and for the expats the employers are supposed to pay the costs .
Employers pays=the employees pay .As it is the case about the residence visa .That will be a very big burden - and will probably chase away a lots of people from here .
A C-section delivery for example in normal case nowadays is around QR 200 .In a private hospital it may reach QR 20.000 .

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Can it be that Doha will be soon a pleasant place to live- apart from the weather conditions? I read last week that the government soon unveils plans to set up beaches exclusively for families in three different places in Qatar . I hope it will include ladies beaches as well . Qatar is the richest ever country in the world according to the GDP per capita - but it has not a public beach with ladies only days -apart from some clubs - when the women are not tolerated to go to mixed beaches by most of the Arab families . AS a result one can often see that women are swimming in black abbayas .
It was also last week that the barwa housing project accepted applications for the low rated flats in a lovely compound .It is available for families with income :6500 -17.000 QR It could be rather called "reasonably priced " flats than cheap ones for 3000 QR or 3500 for a family with 6500 QR income it is still a burden .
ًًWE got also the right to buy a flat in Doha on the man-made island .It is only 1.1 million Qatari rial .One can get it when paying only 10 % of it - then the rest can be payed in the coming 30 years .Really - it seems to be good : around ten month salary must be payed first- then not bigger amount than the rent would be .And one can live there on the island surrounded by nature and luxury . my only concern is the constant political tension in the region -which is quite discouraging .
Do not worry - it is only a virus

My kid got ill : running noise , temperature , heavy cough .I got her to the emergency Al- Sadd five weeks ago ."It is only a virus . There is nothing to do .Just give her some Panadol that is it ."
Nothing to do ? I was surprised . But why don't they prescribe some vitamins or expectorant ?- I asked myself .
I gave her Panadol . Her temperature dropped .BUt her cough was worse than ever . Actually she vomited every night due to that . After one week I took her back to Al-Sadd . " There is nothing to do . It is just a stubborn virus .” Was the answer again .”Be patient " I tried to be . We could not sleep at night . She had suffered every night minimum one hour by the cough and vomiting .Especially at night . I stopped trusting doctors . I looked for herbal remedy . I found some German ivy syrup . After rubbing her chest with oil - I wrapped her tightly . It helped a little bit .
Four weeks later I begged the doctor to prescribe the spray to stop her cough ."it is only a virus -she had told me - but if you want it so much - let s give it a try -and bring her back after one week "
The cough stopped as we applied the spray . But as soon as we tried to give her less often it came back as heavily as before .One week had gone again .We find ourselves again at the Al-Sadd . The doctor in charge was brave enough to prescribe some antibiotics and he looked annoyed very much when he learnt that she did not have any yet .
Three days later the cough at night stopped . We can sleep at night again . What a difference !
I am only annoyed that I did not care to learn the pediatrician 's name .[For asking his help next time to save myself and my child from the " it is only a virus" doctors .

Monday, November 05, 2007

MY friend CSilla - is a teacher in south Hungary . She had sent me some lovely photos and gave me the permission to publish them here .
AND AFTER the wedding
( 35 years has gone ? OOh)
Happy anniversary !
walking in the morning can be rewarding . the air is less polluted in the city and one can observe such wonderful things :

Friday, November 02, 2007

This fine weather at the beginning of November reminds me May and early June in Hungary .And talking of that part of the year I remember the day when I became a "little drummer " .Every seven year old kid did so - but I was very excited . WE had to learn by heart the six points and recite the oath at the greatest square of the town .There were hundreds of us standing there .The morning sun of May and the smell of blooming chestnut trees filled our hearts with happiness . WE took the oath of Little drummers -then a good friend of my mum came and I got from her the blue scarf to wear it on around my neck .I was touched to some drop of tears by that great honour . Then I reunited with my family - we walked home and had some cakes on the way .It was a very happy relaxed day .

What happened to the Little drummers ? What happened to our dreams about the idealistic society where the greatest value is human life and not the profit ? What happened to the world ?
Birds of Qatar are so nice . Even that I do not know the most species that can be found around here. But they cheer me with their songs as the hot season is over .I read the other day in GUlf -Times that there is a specie which is threatening local birds and can bring malaria as well. It s singing beautiful and once it had been brought here as pet .
Though Qatar has eliminated malaria - it still sounds worrisome . This silent disease kills yearly ( Horribile dictu !)800.000 children in Africa alone .
I wonder what are the odds of getting malaria in Qatar ?
expat Qatar