Saturday, May 25, 2019

USD 2.24 billion provided aid - numbers in QATAR

Happy Birthday to the twins

Born to swim - cute purple dolphin T-Shirt

Cute purple graphic dolphin with funny quote " Born to swim " . Ideal wear for girl swimmers / dolphin lovers .From the store of lumirala .

 Design : in Doha
 Printed ; Reno , NV , US by Zazzle Apparel

Friday, May 24, 2019

Summer Camps - activities in Qatar 2019

swimming camps for little children from age 4 to 10
 at Madinat Khalifa North


Location : Ain Khalid Gate Compound ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 


Location : Duhail branch

Give your child an experience they will never forget!
An active sports and educational Summer Camp that offers programs in multi-sport. Children of all skill levels can enjoy sessions with a focus in skill development, teamwork, and fun games

Swimming, Football, Basketball, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Monkeynastix, Gymnastics, Arts and Crafts, Stemtastics, Healthy Cooking, Bricklyn LEGO Robotics, Team Building, Agilities and Fitness, Roller Skating, Skatebourds, BMX bikes and More!
Fun day Activities:
Colour Run, Animal Rides, Water fights, Trip to paintball arena, Bouncy Castle and More

the Bull Shark - they commonly reside in the Arabian Gulf

Dangerous tropical species - the Bull Shark .They happen to commonly reside in the Arabian Gulf. Find out more at

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

32 teams only - FIFA: Qatar 2022 World Cup

Oman novelist win International Prize

Author Jokha Alharthi won the award for her novel Celestial Bodies and shared the $63,000 prize with the translator Marilyn Booth, an American academic.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Al Shaqab Ramadan Camp from 4-30 May

Enjoy the Garangao in 2019

Head over to Tawar Mall - طوّار مول and experience the #Garangao night with puzzle games, exciting gift hampers, and Garangao treats for all Kids!

Location: Fine dining area - 20th May, Monday ⛲

FLOOR MAT with Oriental Rug design - Mosque motif

Oriental Prayer Rug design - Mosque interior motif.Classic decorating style . The vintage illustration about this carpet was edited and applied on this printed floor mat by Alma Wad .

Will be made by
Fremont, CA

I.M. Pei’s passing at age 102

Friday, May 17, 2019

oriental prayer rug design - Iftar dinner Foil Card

Oriental prayer rug design - Iftar dinner invitation . Real foil printing in silver color outside the card . Full color printing inside . Easy to customize the text now with your own dinner invitations . You can change every word . You can use fonts in Arabic as well .

Design by Alma Wad - Doha , Qatar
Printed in Reno , NV USA - by Zazzle Invitations

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Garangao night at Katara - 19 May 2019

sail boat & compass in light blue - bath towel set

Monday, May 13, 2019

144,707 passengers - 44 ships - numbers in Qatar

Saturday, May 11, 2019

The best airports of 2019

Friday, May 10, 2019

How did your own mom make a difference in your life

Monday, May 06, 2019

Doha Metro Changing the way we move

 Doha Metro red line  is now  in  "preview
service "  - it means that it works  only on weekdays .
 Out of 18 station already  13 works .The Red Line’s 13 stations include
Al Qassar, DECC, QIC West Bay, Corniche, Al Bidda, Msheireb, Al Doha Al
Jadeda, Umm Ghuwailina, Al Matar Al
Qadeem, Oqba Ibn Nafi e, Economic
Zone, Ras Bu Fontas, and Al Wakra.

Coming soon stations : Lusail,

Qatar University, Legtaifi ya, and Katara.

Doha Metro Card - now available

The red line of Doha Metro is opening soon . We can travel from DECC to Wakrah . Get your cards ready !

see the fares here 

IFTAR MEALS - set menus - boxes - Qatar 2019



Indian Iftar Set Menu at Spicy Route  with Qgrab vouchers 

 Iftar Set Menu  QR40 / QR30 for child

 What to  expect : Indian fine dining experience at Spicy Route, Barwa Village
 see the full menu  and options 


Iftar - take-away boxes with Qgrab vouchers

Iftar Meal Boxes at Horizon Manor Hotel

 Chicken Biryani Box

The Iftar Box includes Chicken Biryani, raita/salsa, green salad, dates, fruit, laban & water

 Lamb Majboos Box

The Iftar Box includes Lamb Majboos, raita/salsa, green salad, dates, fruit, laban & water



Thursday, May 02, 2019

Job related gifts - collection

Kidzania or Kidzmondo - Kids entertainment in Qatar

 Now that the second  theme park opened in Qatar focusing on role play  and educational entertainment  we parents  wonder what are the differences between the two  facilities .

These are my finds :

 Kidzmondo  for children between 2 and 14 years

 kids earn money that can spend there
 80 different professional role play
 simulate a profession and wear uniform for that job
 800 children can play inside
 location  at the Mall of Qatar - very far from most of the  residential area in Doha
   part of a mall  and totally closed area -no windows or sunshine - my personal observation
 no outside food is allowed
 you can buy food inside

  It's headquarters in Lebanon . They have branches in  some Arab countries  and they are going to open more .

 Prices :  for kids between age 1 year to 4  -  QR 90 + parent ticket  QR 90 = QR 180
               for kids between age 4 year to14 - QR  135 +  parent ticket  QR 90 = QR 225
               special needs children  QR 85

Personal notes :   one of my child described it " one of the happiest day of his life "  when at age 9 they visited this park with the school - children adore it , the role play gives them  self-confidence   .  Children can learn about the real life . A lots of kids can not afford this place - sadly ,it reflects  our world !  For us it is a birthday present category . But since our son grew bigger and understands  better the value of the money he refuses us to pay for it . He would be thrilled to go and play  but  at the same time  he does not feel comfortable knowing we have to spend so much .
You can stay all the day long  but after three hours playing  most kids gets exhausted .


Kidzania  for children between 4 and 14 years

kids earn money that can be spent there
60  different professional role play
indoor city of over 7,000 square meters
 they have 27 facilities all over the globe
Headquarters : Mexico-city
 Prices :  children under 120 cm must be accompanied by an adult
              Toddler (2-3 years) QAR 95
              Kid (4-16 years) QAR 160
              Adult (17-60 years) QAR 95

 My final view :  I think both places  offer wonderful  time for kids . Educational role playing is very important  for learning  and improving fantasy and it also gives emotional satisfaction . The Kidzania is newer in Qatar and not all the section is  open .  It is in Aspire Zone right behind Hyatt Plaza shopping center . Though it is possible to save money when you let your kids above certain age go without your supervision  I do not recommend it .These places are too big for children feel comfortable alone . They may feel lost quickly . And there are other kids . Not all of them are nice . Finally , it is so much better when one can share her experiences at once with a loved one !

Beijing's Int. Horticultural Expo - Qatar National Pavilion

Monday, April 29, 2019

India's moonwalking traffic cop

List of Affordable Iftar Buffets in Qatar - 2019

You can find a lots of deals AT THE QGRABS . You have to buy vouchers ONLINE  .Then print them - then you show it at the restaurant . Some examples ;

Iftar Buffet at Swiss BelHotel Doha with Qgrab voucher

 Iftar Buffet + Juice + Ice Cream at Maxill Restaurant  - QR74 /child QR37
   What to expect : an international spread that includes one juice of your choice along with one ice cream, soups, appetizers, salads, a variety of main course dishes, desserts & beverages at Maxill Restaurant,
  Iftar /Suhoor Buffet at Simaisma  Murwab Resort -  Qgrab Offers 

Iftar OR Suhoor Buffet with Resort Access – Adult QR80 / Child QR40
When : Valid on Thursday, Friday & Saturday ONLY
Iftar timing: Sunset – 8:30pm
Suhoor timing: 10pm – 2am
Resort timings: Sunset – 2am

What to expect : A scrumptious buffet : oriental mezze, baba ganoush, vine leaves, freshly made traditional foul madams and salads , freshly prepared Ramadan juices and live counters for shawarma, pasta, tempura station, and noodles ,tiramisu, chocolate mousse cake, Arabic desserts like Umm Ali, baklawa, Balah el sham
club house swimming pool, health club, private beach, tennis & basketball courts

My personal experience some years ago
the buffet was a far cry from what  had been advertised but the resort facilities were nice


Iftar Buffet at L'incontro Dei Sapori -  QGRABS OFFERS 

 This is a lesser known place  but the area is well known :  Ghanem Business Center
 Near Ramada Signal
  Pay QR44  ( no child vouchers ) 

Iftar Timing: Sat – Wed: 6pm – 8pm

 What to expect :  healthy dishes with Italian and Morocan favorites
 you can see here the full menu 

DoubleTree by Hilton

 Iftar Buffet at Al Andalusia Tent -QR99 / child QR50  - QGRABS offer

Suhoor Buffet at Al Andalusia Tent  - QR90 / child QR90

 What to expect : juices, salads, starters, main course & desserts
 buffet  in a tent
 rooftop iftar
 enjoying the view of Doha skyline
 suhoor buffet comes with live Oud music
My personal notes :  though I have never tried their Ramadan offers but their buffets at other time of the year is wonderful. They provide what they promise and more .

___________________________________salt N pepper offer ______________________
Royal Tandoor  offer  : QR 59 per person
QR 35 (kids between 5 to 12 yrs)
What to expect : Indian food 

 My personals notes :  Not the best Indian dishes in Qatar but nice decor , ambiance  and polite staff _______________________________________
Iftar Buffet at Ramada Encore Hotel - Qgrabs deal 

QR33 -adult
 QR16 - child
  this is a  real deal
   according to my experience of last years - they offer decent  food

 good beverages , unique desserts -  small , simple restaurant , friendly staff

 see more here 


Eat at Joe’s to have an amazing experience and let us enjoy the Ramadan atmosphere together with friends and family.🌙☺️🦀
For Reservation and Inquiries
please contact us at:
+974-40392977 / +974-55433366
+974-66092382 / +974-70448801

 Gulf pearls Hotel - Iranian Restaurant




Zubarah Hotel - Iftar buffet for QR 99


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Asian Athletics - 400m Hurdles Gold for Qatar

Monday, April 22, 2019

KEEP CALM - READ ON - Dark T-shirt

World Book Day celebration at the National Museum of Qatar

Happy World Book Day - UNESCO

Amiri Guard field exercise in Doha

When : from 27 to 30 April
Where : in Doha , Qatar
What is so special about this :  we are asked to cooperate  and follow instructions

Personal notes ;  I have never seen such field exercise in urban area  /  VIP convoys made some excitements in my life  but it was long time ago .

Qatar Natural History Group - White-eared Bulbul

Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition - DECC Qatar

Qatari Rwandan relations - Emir visits Kigali

3rd Festival for Oud - Opera House at Katara - Free Tickets

Where :Katara Opera house , building 16
When : from 24 April - four days on
What time : 8 pm
What to expect : more than 25 prominent Oud players and and manufacturers
from Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Yemen, Kuwait ,Greece, and Syria
concert and singers
highlights on al-Kindi and on his music theory

Al-Kindi was the first great theoretician of music in the Arab-Islamic world. He is known to have written fifteen treatises on music theory, but only five have survived. He added a fifth string to the 'ud.[51] His works included discussions on the therapeutic value of music[52] and what he regarded as "cosmological connections" of music.[53]
By Unknown - Photograph of medieval Islamic manuscript, transferred from English Wikipedia as below, Public Domain, Link

Friday, April 19, 2019

National Museum of Qatar extended opening hours

Monday, April 15, 2019

Weather in Kuwait - last week

The strong winds and the hail storm was  topping  the area's social media last week .
 Watch this video  for the ice  and rainbow !

new two-level interchange opened

International Dates Exhibition 2019 - Souq Waqif

2019 Young Writers Program Award Ceremony

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Qatar after Rain


Mariam Jamali snaps

During Rain Drive Carefully

The art spring - at Qatar University

Saturday, April 06, 2019

New Monoprix stores to open in Qatar

1 .    a ‘digitally smart store’ at Msheireb Downtown Doha
2 .   one in Medina Centrale (The PearlQatar)
3  .one small store in Porto Arabia (The Pearl-Qatar)
4 .  ‘Monop’ in Al Sadd

by the end of 2019

5 .   in Lusail city

in 2020

What to expect : local products , wide range of fresh and organic food ,international items ,free delivery after shopping , dine-in ,pizza and sushi corners ,


simple weather symbols - acrylic tumbler

Al Sarayat - is here again

 Al Sarayat - the season of sudden weather change is here again .  The strong winds shakes the windows , evening storms with thunder and lightnings . Cats  and birds are loud .

 However today mild weather conditions can be expected during the day . In the evening the windy stormy weather  may return . Avoid  the sea ...

 This season  lasts until mid- May . After that we are just dreaming about the rain .

 Have  nice day !

Monday, April 01, 2019

Floral shaped buildings around the world

Art Science Museum, Singapore
The lotus flower-shaped building at Marina Bays Sands. Photo by Vesna Middelkoop


Tbilisi Public Service Hall Building IMG 8966 1920

Alexxx1979 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]


The Wujin Lotus Conference Center is constructed in the image of a Lotus flower. The building is situated on a 30,000 square foot artificial lake, close to an eight-acre park in the city of Changzhou.
The Lotus Conference Center was conceived, according to the architectural firm, as an inhabited sculptural form, emerging naturally from the lake. It is home to public galleries, and conference facilities.
Geothermal energy pile foundations are an alternative energy source for heating and cooling needs. Year ‘round, this geothermic heat exchange system reduces air conditioning costs for both the Lotus above and the two-story building beneath the lake. The lotus is also naturally ventilated and utilizes evaporative cooling from the lake’s surface.

 Design by Studio505 - an Australian company

The desert rose of Qatar or the New National Museum

 Jean Nouvel architect

 the building designed to resemble to a giant desert rose

it took eight years to complete this futuristic building

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Numbers in Qatar - 8100 visitors arrived today by Cruise Ships to Qatar

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The four pillars of Qatar's Food Security

The red street sweeper truck - Metal Print

Cleaning the roads after sandstorms

Monday, March 25, 2019

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Qatar International Food Festival 2019 - March 20 -30

Where :Oxygen Park, Education City
When : from March 20 to 30
What time : Weekdays: From 3:00 PM - 12 AM
Weekends: From 3:00 PM - 1 AM

What to expect : mouthwatering cuisines , non-stop entertainment ,

30 world-renowned chefs , you can book a masterclass ,


 FINAL  Days are coming

  What to expect ?   Thursday  -    tonight Indian Classical Dance performance - 7 pm by Rina Jana Group

                                   Artistic yoga performance  -  at 4;30  , 6 pm , 7.30 , 10 pm

  Cooking theatre -Punjabi cuisine at 3.15pm  - Chef   Surjan  Singh Jolly
                              Ranveer Brar   at 10 pm -  versatile dishes

                              Elif Edes Tapan  -  Turkish chef

                              Aisha Altamimi  -  Qatari Chef

                              Al Yazi alAwadh  - Kuwaiti  chef

 Saturday :   Cooking theatre : Mohamed Jassim Belkhams  -  Qatar’s celebrity chef

                      Jenny and Siba

 My experience of  QIFF 2919:  the atmosphere was good in spite of the strong winds last Saturday -  the lively shows  , jazz concerts / rock concerts / Indian dancers really made my day . The food we tried was so-so .
We had some so called Mexican dish  -  chicken  quesadilla -  it  tasted like some canned chicken filled into a simple Indian paratha .  That restaurant offered huge sombreros  and  all the decors made us believe they were authentic but they were not .
 Then we had some sushi from a hotel's stall . It was not bad but  not so good either . Then a chicken wrap . Just OK . Turkish roasted chestnut - not soft enough .
 Camel burger ? I was not brave enough to try .
 In front of some stalls there were long lines - Qataris waiting with patience for their favorite  caffeinated  drinks  .
 The VIP booths were almost empty .
 The student center was really near to us and we found better dishes there than at the festival .
  Yeah , these students at Education City are really   pampered  by the best restaurants .
 I think there were better days  and better festivals than this . The ones at MIA park  were the most memorable ones to me .

Still I recommend visiting the festival .  The  entertainment is excellent and free .  The selection  of food is huge . I might have had bad luck when choosing my dishes .  I do not have patience to wait in long lines ,  I admit  .
 Have Fun !

Can you speak this language? Nas Daily Video

Turns out Maltese is so similar to Arabic that we can speak sentences to each other in two different languages. That not only made me feel at home instantly here, but made me realize how better our interactions were, and how better the world could be if language was no longer a barrier.

Malta - vintage travel poster

Malta - New Route of Qatar Airways

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Model casting call - annual fashion show of VCUQatar

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cruise ship - Mein Schiff 4 - sailed into Doha Port

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Beach Love Collage - luxury silver foil card -nautical wedding

Beach Love Collage - featuring a graphic sailboat ,dolphin ,hearts , palm trees . Exclusive Thank you card with real foil printing outside - colorful printing inside . Personalize it before submitting your order

Cruise ship AIDA Prima arrived at Doha Port

expat Qatar