Friday, February 25, 2011

I heart fondue aprons from

Yesterday we went to the Food Festival behind the Exhibition Center.It was not exactly the gourmet event I expected. A bunch of 5 star hotels were offering junk food like hamburgers ,French fries etc .For the real gourmet dishes one have to go around all the tents and hunt .First I
ordered for myself a beef sausage with Sauer Kraut from hotel Kempinksi Suites( or something like that) They gave me a decent sized fried sausage, so much French Fries but I saw no Sauer Kraut at all. When I inquired as to where the SauerKraut was , then they pointed out to a few threads of braised cabbage under the sausage. Sausages were great hit for the children and I had to order them 2 more portions . The chef was very proud of himself:) My husband bought some Goulash which was sold for him as German dish :) or :( ..It was a stew with rice ..really not very much Hungarian)

Then I ordered swiss raclette from the Movenpick hotel, which was a decent fondue with melted swiss ? cheese - tiny boiled unpeeled potatoes and a hint of pickled veggies.. it was good as it was ..While having the fondue my husband brought me some fantastic ,subtle flavored herb tea ... but he had forgotten at which tent he bought it ...

The sushi at Dana club was an easily forgettable experience. The raspberry cream in tiny cups at Le macron was fine but giving five riyals for a thimbleful fruit cream !It was not the deal I expected here ! The tiramisu was of decent size - I just missed the flavor of coffee from that dessert .

Malay cuisine was featured at one hotel's tent - there was a large crowd of Malays there I saw some weird green candy were taken.I saw Latino dishes at other hotel ...

We just had something to eat and we spent 100 riyals quickly . It was nice spring weather - it was outdoors - every hotel brought some of their seats so there were chic nice places to sit around and relax ..from the heralded fun programs for kids we saw only an empty stage between 3pm and 5pm on Friday..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food Festival this weekend at The Exhibition Center Doha

It sounds very nice deal .For the gourmet at least .Great restaurants are offering their dishes  at very low prices .The most expensive one is only 15 riyal .This is  the second year this event is held and it is already very popular .Take your family for a culinary adventure at low cost !

Wednesday - 4pm-10.30pm; Thursday - 12pm-10:30pm; Friday and Saturday - 1pm-10:30pm; Sunday - 12pm-10:30pm.
Qatar in 1971. Extract from

After seeing the Aspire Tower you can have a look at 1970's film when everything was much much simpler in Qatar .

Did you Know ?

Aspire Tower has 51 floors and it is 300 metres tall
The tallest building in Qatar
It was designed by Hadi Simaan

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sipping Soda Greeting Cards from
Sipping Soda card
Sipping Soda by Memory_Lane
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Who has the most beautiful Hat ?

Do you like vintage fashion ? Do you like horse races ? Do you like contests ?
Then you must participate at the hat contest organized by Racing and Equestrian Club .
When : 24th February from 03:30 pm to 06:00 pm
Where: Racing and Equestrian Club ,Al Rayyan racetrack

Registration : by e-mail

More info :Patricia Musial

Mobile: 974 55536839

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Qatar 2022's First Five Stadiums - impressive presentation of the five futuristic football stadium to be built in Qatar .

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt Is Free! Poster from

the words of the desinger


True Democracy has come to Egypt!

On February 11th, 2011, the people of Egypt did what very few people imagined was possible: They peacefully forced their dictator of 30 years, Mubarak, to resign and hand over his power to someone else! The hope? That this will be the start of something big! That this will be the dawning of a new age fore the people of Egypt full of democracy and freedom! When I created my original "Free Egypt" poster, I had no idea that the people of Egypt would be able to achieve something so amazing so fast! My heart goes out to the people of Egypt and I sincerely hope that this works out for the best!"

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Dhows in West Bay, Qatar Greeting Card from

Dhows with their lateen sails illuminated moored in West Bay, Doha, Qatar, Jan 2011

I just stumbled upon this great photo at zazzle .I am happy that I am not alone there taking photos around here and publishing them for sale .I like the contrast .Look at the the modernity of the new buildings and the ancient sail boat .This is a very exciting era here .Everything is changing .You can capture many things like that .
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