Sunday, April 30, 2017

Women on Bicycles Vintage B&W Photograph Postcard

Losail International Circuit - Ladies only training days in May

This place is about half way between Doha and Al- Khor . From the City Center Mall it takes 30 minutes to get there by car . You can rent a bike but you must wear helmet . It is not clear if they provide the helmets or you have to bring it with you .
Every Monday ! Even during the Ramadan from 8 30 to midnight !

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ming Pei Architect is 100 year old on 26 April

 Happy Birthday  mr . Ming Pei  - 100 years !What  a life - what an age !

  I am  one of those lucky ones who  can enjoy your wonderful design  every time I visit the Museum of Islamic Art  and its surroundings   . It has some special atmosphere and most people find it very attractive .

Numbers in Qatar -12 new routes in 2018

12 new routes are planned by Qatar Airways next year

 the exact destinations were not revealed but one of them would be
 San Francisco


Kite festival at the Aspire Park - 25 to 29 April

what to expect : kite flying competitions for international teams from 30 countries
and activities - best kite flyers
from around the world -night flights - workshops about kite making and decorating - photo and poster competition

when :9am to 7pm

 According to Gulf Times it was a great success  - 40 000 visitors
 visited the event .  Kite festival  next year can be expected in Doha again .

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Students exhibition at VCUQ - April 29

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The largest MONOPRIX in the world is OPEN

 I am very much eager to see that new supermarket . They promise a lots of brands that can not be bought elsewhere in Qatar . Will there be some  Hungarian / Eastern European products that I have missed for long ?
Next week I might tell you more !___________________

 Well - I visited the  " largest Monoprix of the world "  - it was a big disappointment for me . I  do not know how big are the other Monoprix in the world but this one was not very big .Not bigger than other French supermarkets .  There was nothing  new for the Central/ Eastern European customers .I found Hajdu cheese like in any other major supermarket .  The selection of items was not impressive except for the chocolate section . There were a lots of chocolate brands that you can not find at other places . Even limited edition chocolate boxes  . Expensive canned tunas  - over 200 rials . Organic grocery products . Nice selection of alcohol free wines . I think that  one can find a good selection of gourmet gifts here . But nothing special for everyday consumption . The bread shelves were nearly empty - we had to wait at the bakery counter to be served and it was very crowded . The frozen section  consisted of limited items . You can find more variety at Megamart   or at Spinneys .  There is a salad bar  a grill bar  and a pizzeria inside the supermarket . They all looked wonderful .

After the supermarket I walked to the IKEA - I  had the impression that there was more special items in the Swedish  grocery there than in the Monoprix .

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pictorial diary of people and lifestyles

The exhibition taking place from 12-15 April 2017 at Dubai World Trade Centre. This is an affordable art fair - there is something for every budget. Expect global collections of art from $100-$20,000 !

Messenger of Peace - Malala

Monday, April 10, 2017

blue mandala t-shirt

lovely mandala in blue printed on a tie-dye tee . fresh and unique art like the water drops .great yoga T-shirt - originally from Alma Wad .

Thai Water Festival in Doha - April 12

celebrate Songkran 2017 in Doha

When : Wednesday evening 12th April

Where : in the lush gardens of Grand Hyatt Doha

What to expect :Thai New Year Gala Dinner at Hotel garden on 12 April, 07:00 PM onwards -
Transitioned into days of fun-filled water-fights, revelry, feasting and celebrations
Price :
Soft beverage package at QAR 299

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Birth of a baby on Turkish Airlines flight

It was a short flight between Guinea and Burkina Faso

 baby was born on 42 ,000 feet

 nice to read about birth and not death when you hear  about this airline !

1902 Vintage Bicycle Patent Blueprint / Art Print

New path for cycling /walking / jogging

For the bike fans  -  what great news ! In the area of the Ikea there is a new place where on can ride his bike safe ! Three kilometer path  !

 Enjoy and ride safe !

Sunday, April 02, 2017

World Autism Awareness Day in Doha - light it up blue



Medical College Summer program for prospective students

Where :WCM-Q - Education city Summer Enrichment Program

For who : for prospective students at the Medical University / for students entering grade 10 /11 next year   - only for students  who
 got good foundation in biological sciences and English and can get reference letter from their teachers .

 When : two weeks in July  starting from June 9 2017

  What to expect : hands-on experience on Medical College by mimicking
 the current students programs to study

   To Apply  and learn more click here

Nesting season 2017 - Fuwairit beach closed to protect turtles

Saturday, April 01, 2017

expat Qatar