Saturday, April 15, 2017

The largest MONOPRIX in the world is OPEN

 I am very much eager to see that new supermarket . They promise a lots of brands that can not be bought elsewhere in Qatar . Will there be some  Hungarian / Eastern European products that I have missed for long ?
Next week I might tell you more !___________________

 Well - I visited the  " largest Monoprix of the world "  - it was a big disappointment for me . I  do not know how big are the other Monoprix in the world but this one was not very big .Not bigger than other French supermarkets .  There was nothing  new for the Central/ Eastern European customers .I found Hajdu cheese like in any other major supermarket .  The selection of items was not impressive except for the chocolate section . There were a lots of chocolate brands that you can not find at other places . Even limited edition chocolate boxes  . Expensive canned tunas  - over 200 rials . Organic grocery products . Nice selection of alcohol free wines . I think that  one can find a good selection of gourmet gifts here . But nothing special for everyday consumption . The bread shelves were nearly empty - we had to wait at the bakery counter to be served and it was very crowded . The frozen section  consisted of limited items . You can find more variety at Megamart   or at Spinneys .  There is a salad bar  a grill bar  and a pizzeria inside the supermarket . They all looked wonderful .

After the supermarket I walked to the IKEA - I  had the impression that there was more special items in the Swedish  grocery there than in the Monoprix .

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