Thursday, December 31, 2015

14 Injured in fire at Address Hotel -Dubai

Later the news talk about injured only  - hopefully  nobody died in that towering inferno ... I do not like tower buildings anyway you ?

Happy 2016

Palestinian children's choir sings the national anthem of Hungary

I found this at youtube while looking for the usual midnight anthem ...

Happy New year  to everyone !

Thank you for reading my blog !

Monday, December 28, 2015

Andaloussi Music - 29th December Katara

Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Year Eve Parties &Celebrations in Doha 2015/2016

 A lots of four and five star  hotel are waiting for the guests with dinners ,countdowns ,pop crackers ... read more about them

Cuban bands , jazz ,1920's party ,DJ -es ,bouncing castles ,"recovery brunch " ,celebrity show,circus-themed extravaganza ,and more ... browse the pages to find the events that suits you ..
Going to  cinema on New Year Eve ?
 Check out  what's on !

win 2 complimentary tickets to our New Year’s extravaganza PARADE

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Childhood Xmas Stories

Do you feel like reading some real stories ? I had some  Xmas memories from my childhood  and  wrote  about them some years ago  for my kids and husband .Hope you will enjoy them too !

 Grandma used to come to see us every December
 A story of my early childhood  and its Decembers .   Grandma made it very special .

A Christmas story or the Ugly Book's tale
Sometimes the dreams are so far from the reality ! When a mother has to buy some cheap ,discount priced item for his child and she expects  disappointed face ...
A Christmas story - my auntie's house    Everything looked so wonderful at auntie's house ...they seemed to have all the luxury  and charm but one year at Xmas I found out that they missed something very much !

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Syrian Women Learn to Ride Bikes for the First Time - Berlin

Syrian Women Learn to Ride Bikes for the First Time
Keep pedaling!In Germany, Syrian asylum-seekers learn to ride bikes for the first time.
Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Palestinian Santa Claus in Jerusalem

Palestinian Christian Issa Kassissieh, dressed as Santa Claus, rode a camel through Jerusalem on 21 December during the annual distribution of Christmas trees. Photo Credit: Reuters
Posted by The Institute for Palestine Studies on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

 Did you know ? There are around  150 -200 thousand Christians among the Palestinians . 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Vintage camels in the desert

Qatar National Day 2015 - my thoughts

I do not go out on National Days . I stay at home  , I watch the military parade  . Why ? Due to the crowds . Previous years we went out to see the Darb el Saaei events  - which were good but the crowd . Another year we were watching the fireworks  just to be stuck in a traffic jam .15 minutes entertainment   and two hours traffic jam . The organizers made everything to avoid this year the crowds -  many programs are available even today .
But I stay at home .

 The military parade's planes were just flying above our heads  -we could see them from very close .All the days before the National Day they were practising .

 I saw the  military parade on Al-Jazeera live channel . After the parade the emir and his father were walking on the road .Shaking hands with people .
 Qatar is a safe country  - wrote my little boy in an essay about why he loves this country .

Let's hope that it remains safe  and the whole area /whole world will be a safe place one day !
 The sooner - the better !

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tell your story about Qatar by a video

The story of #Qatar, told by all of us. Join  #DariQatar initiative and share your moments!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Porto Arabia , Pearl - Qatar National Day celebrations

 Most of the activities will take place at Porto  Arabia , 12 ,la Croisette .

 You can expect fireworks , traditional dance , tent for guests ,water screen projections .

 From 16 to 20  of December

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Qatar National Day celebrations - Darb el Saai grounds

س: ما هي أفضل ذكرياتك عن اليوم الوطني؟ شاركنا في التعليقات.Q: What's your favorite National Day memory? Share your comments below. #QF_QND
Posted by Qatar Foundation on Saturday, December 12, 2015



How to get there ? Free buses will take you and your family there from different points of the city .

4 pick up points : Souq Waqif , Pearl , Aspire Park , Sheraton -park
7 am , 9 am , 3 pm , 5 pm , 7:15 pm
Everyday till 20th of December

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas programs in major hotels in Doha

Posted by Kids Doha on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

 Check out the dates and the events in major hotels  before Xmas . 

 As you may know Christmas is not an official holiday in Qatar as the citizens are 100 % Muslims .  There are a lots of foreigners working in Qatar who are Christians .So you will find special programs for them in major hotels .

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Beauty and the beast in Qatar

We met the Beauty at the weekend at the Katara .She was charming . She gave a red rose to every kid . She was promoting the performance which is coming soon to Doha .
I love this story about this bookish girl who sees the values in the Beast . But the cheapest ticket is 199 rial .Plus I have already been to an event to the QNNC  theatre  and I know for sure that not much thing can be seen for this money .For instance I could not recognize my own child who was performing on the stage .I kept concentrating but I missed her .
So I am not very excited !However - thank you for the rose !

 You can learn more about it here .

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Qatar in the Eyes of Children - 13 – 16 Dec

Turkey on demand from IKEA restaurant Qatar

LEGO Build Event at Ezdan Mall until 5 January

أخيرا إنتهى الإنتظار! إنضموا إلينا في فعالية بناء مجسمات الليغو في #ازدان_مول بداية من اليوم من الساعة 12 ظهراً إلى 8 مس...
Posted by ‎Ezdan Mall - إزدان مول‎ on Monday, December 7, 2015

I was there with two kids last weekend . There was a moderate length line in front of the registration desk . There is one place for little kids 5 years and bellow / other place for 5-12 years . The play time is very short - only 20 minutes .It is enough for nothing for the big ones .Wonderful lego built towers are on display but the time is not enough to build something complicated .I would rather pay than getting this free 20 minutes !

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Cocktails at a cheap shopping center in Doha downtown

These fruit and vegetables cocktails are really nice and cost half of the ones that I found in Ezdan Mall . I found these drinks at Quality Mall Bin Mahmoud district . It is really high time healthy drinks and snacks are sold in Doha at affordable prices . The number of diabetic patients is quite high around here . Some examples  of the drinks above :
Liver Cure : beetroot ,apple ,lime
 Hangover Cure : pineapple ,mango ,banana ,orange
Cucumber juice 

Metro constructions in Bin Mahmoud district - Doha

Metro construction in our district causes many troubles with normal traffic . It is annoying - on the other hand it is uplifting to witness the birth of a modern city .

Angelina Jordan performing at the Film Festival in Doha

I have never heard about her before . I just went out for a family weekend to the Katara then I heard someone is singing my favorite song . I was enchanted by the melody  - I went closer and I saw that a little girl is singing in a voice of an adult woman . Then I thought it must be karaoke or something like that .
 So I left the concert .Later at home I read that she is a wonder child  - a 9 year old Norwegian singer  / a youtube star and talent show winner .
 Thank you Angelina Jordan  !

The Lights of the Film Festival - 2015 Katara

The lights at Katara during the film festival were amazing ... inside and outside .I do not know who was the designer of those light effects but I congratulate him/her/them .

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Short films reviews at the Ajyal Youth Film festival 2015

It was a cultural weekend ... We saw a bunch of short films at the Ajyal film festival: there were Nepali,

Kurdish, American, French,Canadian , Qatari films ...
It seemed to me that the directors competed with each others in choosing the most distressing, topic

they could when they created their films .The French film was the "happiest" story ( By Mutual Agreement ) : There was a couple

about to divorce . They suddenly realized that the cause their marriage deteriorated was their five-year

old only child . . they could not really enjoy life since his birth - so they decided to get rid of him ...

all of this in fun, light and absurd style - after a lots of attempted murder - finally themselves the evil

parents are hit by a car -not the little boy! The story was a bit like Hansel and Gretel , But in that story

the kids are returning to the parents who tried to kill them !
Of course, this was a good critique of parental hedonism and irresponsibility, which flooded the world.

À l’amiable / By Mutual Agreement from oriGine films on Vimeo.

The Qatari film was not so depressing compared to the others : it was about a young man from India or

Sri lanka (?) who worked at the Katara as toilet cleaner . He tried to jazz up his boring ,rootless days with

some jokes that were badly received .It was an attempt to show the real problem of workers in Qatar against

the slavery accusations in the international media.The young man's uncle is having a smart phone and a wife in

India (? ) whom he can kiss good bye at night by the phone . It was just a light touch to the problems of the

labourer's in the Gulf but more than nothing .

The Nepali director had shown the world the real suffering of his own people in the  Beaten Path  . Blood , disease ,famine

,extreme poverty was counterpointed by the beauty of the nature and the noble soul of the main character .

The Kurdish story of the Bad Hunter started with a rape then it turned into a false accusation finally it evolved into a happy

end !It shows the way how a young woman needs to be tricky to turn her own tragedy into a happy event of her

life .

We saw a film about a man whose memory and this way his identity was robbed .It was quite difficult to follow

. Finally the director explained all the story . It was the Artificio Conceal made in UK , USA .

The most depressing topic was about a Canadian Arab man whose baby ( wife as well ?) died at birth and he

is not strong enough to do the usual rituals before the burial .
I missed the women from the film : in the Nepali film there was one single unnamed female character who was mourning the death of her husband . The Qatari film did not have female character ,either .In the American film we just hear the voice of a woman .Only the French and Kurdish films had female main characters .

None of those short films were better than my favourite Hungarian short films . I was a bit disappointed .

Many families arrived with kids . They were allowed to enter and see such painful topics . I can not understand the organizers !

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Vintage camels tie

Vintage camels - antique book illustration edited and applied on this necktie by Alma Wad .Printed both sides !Great Middle Eastern theme 

expat Qatar