Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kids clothes with great design from picolo

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is one of my old designs updated .I love art deco and the era of it .

Friday, April 18, 2008

Antique Carpets of Maktabi and sons
This is a private collection of some people from Lebanon .The exhibition took place at the Sharq village - a beautiful resort by the sea - built in old Qatari style .
There was a large collection of different carpets .Floral and geometrical designs and some"tableau " carpets .
The traditional Persian style to me is too much charged - and I prefer the geometrical designs .
The colors are faded in many carpets and we can only imagine how beautiful the carpets might had been when new .The estimated age of these items are around 100 or 150 years .
Praying rugs and huge "wall to wall" carpets were on display .
The exhibition will be open only some days .

Weekend craziness

We decided to go out on Thursday night .It seemed at the beginning a nice idea .We went to see an antique carpet exhibition to Sharq village .It was nice and it did not draw crowds -we saw many beautiful things .
I wish we had returned home at that moment ! But someone had the idea to go to the Corniche .It was OK - the air was fresh and it was not too crowdy either .As we were leaving there was fireworks then a lots of Qatari youngsters were cheering wildly and throwing firecrackers on the road . It was too late to return we were already heading towards the City Center for a dinner - and we were riding among wildly celebrating fans of Al Sadd Football Club and it was a bit frightening .
After having dinner we got stuck one hour in a traffic jam in the City Center;s parking .The line did not move for one hour .We got no idea what was going on and I felt terribly tired and fed up .
Then we got out and again had to go along the Corniche road which was still full of happy football fans sitting on the tops of their cars or in the window , cheering and throwing the firecrackers .
I decided rather to stay at home at the coming weekends .
THE BOSS COLLECTION for fun and showing off who the boss is .

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I suppose there are so many Tamils living here -but no one big hotel advertised special lunch or dinner on the occasion of the Tamil New year .Only one restaurant offered lunch for this great holiday for 25 rials .
It seems that they are not of the richest ones .
They are mostly labourers fishermen and maids .They get low salaries .But even that is too much for some Sri Lankan officials who accuse Qatar of helping the Tamil terrorism by giving them wages .It might be used later to fight the Sri Lankan government .Deja vue !
I wonder what the solution should be .They should not get their money ?Or Qatar should fire them from here for not to be accused of the support of terrorism ?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Places in Qatar Al Bida Park

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I would introduce for every lines families only
buses in the city .I would employ a security guard or something like that to keep non families out .
It might sound expensive but it would ease much more the heavy traffic on the roads .
To give you an idea how hard it is here at times I would mention our trip last year to the ZOO - which took 20 minutes to get there -and coming home was 2 and half an hour !

The buses nowadays in Qatar can be cold "Labourer's buses " .Though they are open for every one - but 99.99 percent of the passengers are labourers .

H&M - you can find it at the Villagio Mall - they have a nice selection of maternity trousers ,blouses ,tops - 200 -300 rial will do for a top and a pair of trousers

DOROTHY PERKINS - it is also at the Villagio - they have a corner with nice selection - it is more colorful then H& M and a little bit more expensive you might need 500 -600 rial for a full outfit

ZARA - only some pieces - trousers and tees ,fresh style with affordable price -200 rial will buy you one full outfit

OUMNIA - it is at the Royal plaza .It has unique selection of maternity jeans and cargo pants ,blouses ,tees ,pull-overs .It is the most expensive place that I saw in Qatar .But it is nice - if you have 600-700 rial for a pair of trendy jeans and something like that for a top .

CARREFOUR SUPERMARKET - it has got only some pieces - difficult to spot them - they are not fantastic -but who knows - they might fit in your garderobe -it is the less expensive choice here

Friday, April 04, 2008

Dudaze is a fellow artist at the zazzle .com ..She is a mother of three and her studio is their dinner table .
Her success story is simple and great : she loved needlework ,cross stitching and so on .
One day she decided to create dolls .When drawing the sketches she noticed that it is easier to draw and paint than making those dolls .Since then she is amazing the world with lovely characters for every occasions .
MOTHER'S DAY is celebrated all over the world on different dates .
For the Arabs March 21 (first day of spring) is Mother day . I read in the newspaper some hotels offering spa and light lunch for mums on that special day . For more than 700 rial at Sharq village - the lucky mother could get some spa ,beauty treatment ,massage ,a light meal .It seemed to be very posh .
For the British it is before Easter .
For the Americans it is the second Sunday of May .
For us - Hungarians it is the first Sunday of May .This day smells lilac in my memories.
It seems to be that after difficulties my mother got visa to visit us .We wanted her to come in February - but she did not get visa then .It is a little hot now here - but it comes with the advantage of being able to celebrate this day together .
I can read for her the story that I had written for her birthday .If everything goes well .

It was dizzying mixture of styles . The restaurant is a typical Chinese one .Dark wooden tables -yellow china plates - junk plastic vine leaves .Our waiter was Indian .The mall itself is in Venetian style .
It is located on a bridge over the canal - this way one can watch the Canal street with gondolas .
It was a Friday afternoon and it was packed with Far Eastern looking people .We waited too much -more than half an hour for our sizzling chicken . Our children became fussy .it was not really kids friendly .
The chicken itself was good but not very special .I had already far better sizzling at the Great Wall - at the Center .The size of the meal was very large . Actually it was enough for three persons .It was not expensive around 20 rial .
My fried noodles was disappointing . I expected some kind of Asian noodles -but what i got it was something like tagliatelle in soy sauce .
I recommend it for people without kids - having plenty of time to wait - and prefering the huge meals over the gourmet one .
country of records

This country has the highest ever GDP per capita in the world .
It has the worst male -female ratio in the world .( too many single workers -without FAMILY )
It is among the highest per capita diabetes in the world - 16-25 % -like the other GCC countries .( only the tiny Nauru island has higher 100 % )
It has the largest ever hand printed logo - Qatar Gas .
It has served the largest serving of KFC chicken .
It has the sixth highest hotel room per resident ratio in the world .

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


A lovely black cat .I used to have similar one in Hungary .The other day I was in the Al -Bida park - and I did not meet any stray cat there .Where are they ?
expat Qatar