Monday, February 16, 2009

Daisies in beautifully arranged collage .Inspired by spring and childhood memories .Alma Wad 's bright artwork has some retro touch .Great for invitations and love letters !

matching postage :

Now that the dust storm is over it's nice and beautiful again . In the mornings when the kids take their school bus -it is a bit chilly .Like the mornings at late August in Hungary .
At the backyard some bird is singing every morning and I listen to this wonderful music while I am loading the clothes to the washing machine !
There's a new park beyond Hyatt plaza and it is fun to take walk there with the kids .
Springlike weather - it is called winter here . Around five the sun sets then it is cold .Women having picnic are throwing a blanket on themselves and they keep chatting and drinking their tea .
After experiencing the gentle warmth of the sun and the chills of the evening my kids fall asleep and they have deep, nice dreams !

P.s. yes mum - I know you had ten bellow zero last night !

Thursday, February 05, 2009

So I have been living in Qatar for a while .More than six years . The first 20 months we did not meet a single Hungarian .We felt we are alone .There was no embassy -nothing here to find out if there are other Hungarians living here .
Then we saw two women walking past as we were sitting on the bench .They were talking in Hungarian .It was unbelievable then ! Our eyes were gleaming with tears we ran after them . Since then I have been with my compatriots every now and then . They are coming from different part of the country ,different social background etc .
The Hungarian community is no more than 20 family strong .
Then the other day I got a call from someone who claimed that I used to teach her in Hungary 15 years before .She came to live here with her husband .It was difficult to remember then I simply could not believe . How can it be ! It is still unbelievable to me !

I feel that it is like a great blessing .I find the way to link myself back to our past .Living uprooted here -it is like I get back my roots !
expat Qatar