Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daily flights from Doha to Budapest with Qatar Airways ! And it takes only five hours !That is wonderful news for us .Previously we had to take a flight either to Frankfurt /Istanbul -then change the plane heading to Budapest .They used to be long journeys ... and the most expensive ones . I remember there were years when it was 4000 QR one single ticket for adults .Now I found tickets for 2100QR all inclusive . It is a real deal !

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modern Cityscape from Zazzle.comGreat wall art for proud nationals and expats .This is the black and white version in three panels .

Friday, September 16, 2011

i believe in life jackets sticker

20-30/year is the average number of kids/year drowned into private /compound swimming pools and into the sea  around here....just happened a tragedy in a compound where a 10 y. o. died .Compound pools are not guarded and supervised and not surrounded by a high safely locked fence . ..


60% -is the salary rise fr the Qatari working in their own country
120% is the hike in salary for the army officers

They say it is more than expected .

Monday, September 05, 2011

Eid 2011 August September

The laser show and the fireworks at Katara was nice but not something very special . Green and blue laser beams were dancing while we could hear different music styles and the seaside was filled with smoke for the special effects .In the last ten minutes or so fireworks and the laser show were alternating was a dramatic experience ...bit too loud ...

We found a new cake shop selling cupcakes at 18 rial per piece . Well for Eid we bought some for the kids and it was tasty ...

The good thing about Katara that it is big -very big and you never feel that it would be overcrowded .

We like also the cheap little place where one can buy cheap chapati and karak ( spicy tea) and sit there and relax in beautiful environment .

One of my child was badly coughing when we left home .Then she was ready to drink a cup of karak .I do not know if it was due to that hot drink or to the humid salty air by the sea but her coughing disappeared .Voila our secret of how to stop bad coughs in Qatar .

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