Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ramadan festival at Katara

 You can expect various programs and events at the Katara Cultural Village during the fasting month .

 Religious lectures , Quran memorizing competitions , Play station  championship - FIFA2017 -brain games ( dama , domna , kerem , sabbah )  , fun traditional games , treasure hunting .

Exhibitions by local artists , live painting , palm tree exhibition , tea exhibition , various workshops

 and a lot more  - discover the beautifully lit area  with its indoor and outdoor activities .


 Treasure hunting is a fun game  - it us usually outdoors and not long after the iftar . So you have a chance to win as there are not big crowds there . At least this is what I saw  last time I visited the place .

 TEA EXHIBITION  sounds fun . I love  teas and hope to learn about them more .

PALM TREE EXHIBITION also seems interesting to me

date palm is mentioned 20 times in the Quran

it is a staple food around here - or at least it is used to be

still a much respected tree here decorating , parks , promenades , yards

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