Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ruman restaurant - Souq Wakrah - review

It was a Friday afternoon that we decided to visit this restaurant . I had bought coupons and was very curious to see  this place and taste their dishes .

 We arrived around 5 pm . We were shocked to see that we were the only customers . The restaurant is situated inside the Souq not  at the seafront . There was a tree and some chairs in front of the restaurant and that looked inviting . However we were afraid from the flies and decided to go in . It was a charming Indian  interior in rustic style . At first glance I found it lovely until I noticed  those paintings in large baroque frames . They looked awful  and spoilt all the charm of pure village home .

The second shock came when we learnt they had no toilet we had to go outside nearly to the sea shore the find one !

We had to wait minimum 20 minutes though we were the only customers . My butter chicken was tasty but stale . The rice as well . I got stomach ache at once . My husband had mutton and he found it mediocre . Our son was the  happiest among us he liked their hamburgers very much .
Long story short  -  I had this "deja vue "  or " deja mangee" feel ... yes this is  the old Caravan restaurant's style dishes ! It reminded me that place very much !
That old restaurant that burnt down some years ago at the Ramada junction . And officially  they never reopened !  I remember then many people told about them " jack of all trades but master of nothing " -  and really this restaurant offered dishes from India , China , Nepal .
My greatest concern about their cuisine was that it was not fresh at all .!

We had the dessert outside under a tree . The sea smell reached this terrace , the heat was bearable - we were sitting and relaxing  there watching the small clouds in the blue sky . It was nice and memorable . What a luck that nobody can put baroque paintings on the sky - i thought . If one day I return then it will be for these chairs and tree  and the memory of the sky .

 If I long for Indian flavours in the future I  would choose rather Zaoq or Black pepper  .

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