Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Balhmabar restaurant
We went there around two weeks ago after visiting the Robot Zoo at the Corniche .As we approached the restaurant we saw somebody going unconscious and the guests of the restaurant all jumping up from their chairs and were standing around the poor woman - who had nobody with her on that sunny afternoon . I kindly asked if she was breathing then they became happy for a moment thinking of me that I was a doctor - and for a moment I really wished I was one .As the ambulance arrived we left the scene to look around the restaurant itself .In the terrace a large shami Arab family was celebrating something with a delicious looking cake .Otherwise there were western looking tourists relaxing there .The waiter was a young Qatari .Real rarity - some people could not even believe me that a Qatari takes up a job where he has to serve other people - especially serving the non - Qatari ! Well- he did not do it with pleasure ! He turned up for a short time then he escaped .As I did not wish to wait for ages _ I entered the restaurant to order some drinks and egg custard .Traditionally built Arab house with thick walls is the restaurant building .Rustic interior design - calm ,quiet atmosphere .Some Qatari families just finished their lunch .There is an open buffet for 100 rial .Otherwise one can not eat much there !
The egg custard was very good - it had some extra oriental flavour added - I think it was rose water - and it was really something special .
When the waiter appeared I told him to bring the bill . Fifteen minutes later I ran out of patience and went inside the restaurant again . He was not busy at all -sitting quietly at his desk - the least caring about my bill. When he saw me he apologised .
Besides this special local way of serving - this place had impressed me very much .We were sitting in the terrace with sea view .The massive structure of the building isolated us from the busy city -and it was very calm there .
I do recommend anyone to sit there but only in case one has plenty of time ...

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