Monday, August 12, 2013

Souq Waqif Festival - Some More Days the Show is on

The show will be on two more days

They start at 5 :30 - to 7:45 pm
                    8;30  - to10:30 pm

Somewhere near the Gold Souq

Tickets : Qr25   QR 100

It is such a  lovely place - the Souq Waqif .As one of my friend told me years ago "As you were not in Qatar " She meant as you were not in Qatar where buildings around you are destroyed to make room for another new ones - cars everywhere  -no respect for pedestrians .Why we love Souq Waqif so much ? Perhaps because of its quiet ,traditional atmosphere .Where we can sit outside the cafes and have some real Middle Eastern feel ? What do you think ?

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