Thursday, August 01, 2013

Why nobody is ready to save the QAWS

 QAWS is the Qatar Animal Welfare society .

 I read the letters asking for money -asking for help ...but nobody seems to be ready to help
 No answer from this rich country . I wonder why .

 I have got my own reasons why I do not give them a riyal .

1 .   Whenever we called them that we found a lost pet -  they simply could not help .

2 . I only support no kill shelters - here they put down the sick animals - as in most of the shelters they do here

3 . They had all their  animals killed when a fire - due to a short circuit -broke out and they simply could not put it out ... so many animals died a terrible death ... after this I simply felt that  animals are better off  without them .

 These  are my reasons . But what are the reasons of the others ? I wish  they let the cat out  of the cages . That is not welfare for them at all .

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