Saturday, October 11, 2014

healing power of the sand

Moroccan people attract tourists in some areas to get them cured by the healing power of the hot sand -in Merzouga  area  they successfully cure people suffering from rheumatism, lumbago, polyarthritis and some skin disorders . A 10 minute neck-deep burial in the sand can detoxify the body - they claim .This is a cheap way of getting much better and such cure can be repeated yearly .

very hot sand is used (48-60°C), but, thanks to the sand special structure- as it  gradually releases heat - there is  no danger of burning  - 20-40 minutes of sand spa daily can be effective if repeated during two weeks 

 Now - I know for sure that here in Qatar there is a demand on easing the joint pains . If the solution is so easy then why not to find an area free of any kind of vehicles and why not to set up a spa for trying this ancient way of  cure .

There is sand and there is heat in Qatar .


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