Saturday, March 30, 2013

Food Festival Experience - Qatar 2013

It was around four o'clock that we arrived at  the Museum of Islamic Art Park .The weather was still hot and there were not too many people there . On the stage a Spanish (?) folk group was dancing and  this " maria ,maria takeiro" music turned us into festival mood at once .Then we looked into the issue of having lunch-dinner . Foolishly we wanted to see everything first -so we walked around and we became exhausted .We bought 90 rials tickets and we had some sandwiches from the Deli cafe /lamb satay from W hotel / Thai chicken from a  fast food outlet .I love Thai food -but this one was very  much supermarket quality . The gourmet sandwiches from the Deli and the lamb was very good ,also the vegetables noodle from W Grand Regency hotel / but these five stars hotels give so small portions that you should call  it only a bite for taste  than a main course . I just wonder why they try to save money  -  this  would be great advertisement for them .When we went to  W Grand Regency for an expensive open buffet in summer they were so generous with the discount ! Actually those small dishes  here were so small that they should have been distributed for free and not for 10 -20 rials .
 We were sitting around a nice round table and a Qatari family asked if they were allowed to sit there too - as there were not enough tables for everyone .That was very unexpected for both families - their girls were laughing embarrassed at the idea of their parent that  they share a table with  strangers  . From the stage we heard jazz we were sitting around a table with total strangers and we were enjoying those little bites that we could afford .
 The night came and slowly the park became crowded .A crane lifted up  the hanging restaurant of a five star  hotel .Laser lights were dancing around them . It was 500 rial/person .I was very happy that we could not afford that because it looked frightening . Security sits and a table around - then you are  up in the air . Nothing under your chair . If someone can afford it and needs excitement then  he should go for it . Certainly it is a very special way of having dinner !

 Shifting the festival to the park was a good idea . This MIA park is so charming especially at night  .At the end of their promenade there were the BBQ donuts  -  round shaped boats  large enough for five people  to have dinner  in . Daytime they are serving tea /coffee - cakes and at night dinner on the boats while floating in the small bay  . That is 230 rial .

The festival last day is today when they are open from 2 pm-10 pm . It has very nice atmosphere -  go out if you can  this evening .

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