Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Buy it , Sell it , Swap it Qatar

One of my friends drew my attention to this Facebook Group .

Buy it , SEll it , Swap it

You can advertise your household items , books , cars etc for sale . It is only for the personal use of people who want to get rid of their used items - no commercial items allowed for advertsing. It is better than the usual adds because you can communicate at once with the seller at the facebook comments .It is only for people residing in Qatar .

Please use your common sense when buying or selling or swapping . Hope this virtual flea market will bring you good Deals !

 By the way ! Have you heard the story of the Chinese bowl which was bought for 3 dollars  at a garage sale in New York and sold for more than 2 millions recently ?


Eric ( In search of Accountant job in qatar) said...

Hey yaadin ,

that was a nice post. Keep writing.
you are from india?

alma wad said...

Thank You ! I am from Hungary ,It is in Europe .

expat Qatar