Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to get rich in Qatar - my business ideas part one

I was reading the advertisement of a Hungarian cake shop :"Strawberry yoghurt cake with birch sugar, floating islands and mille-feuille with birch sugar: these are our New Weekend Specials ! You can taste them, come and visit us": Van Gogh's Cafe and Pastry Shop "

Then I asked myself ; why not in Qatar ?

Xylitol has natural sugar taste and it has far less calories than usual sugar .

Qatar has a high number of diabetics . Around 25% of the population . Qatar has wealth . Many people love cakes /cafes - but as far as I know - there is no healthy choice for those who wants to keep themselves away from regular sugar .

My recipe for this business : find expert pastry chefs who know how to use the birch sugar /buy birch sugar /open a cafe in a mall .. then sweep the money you earn :)
Easy isn't it / You can send me some cake as well !

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