Friday, March 29, 2013

important trials go unreported

Important trials go unreported in Qatar and UAE .In UAE the  trial of 94 Islamist  started on March 4 . They are accused of plotting to overthrow the government .International journalists are prevented  from reporting on important court proceedings .The large number of arrested people makes the case   very unusual  - so  people wish to get more information .

In Qatar it is not the politics  but the case of a nursery fire of last May that people are interested in very much .It is understandable .13 little kids  - everyone who was in the nursery - died of smoke inhalation Somehow the fire fighters were not informed about the existence of a nursery when they arrived at the mall to put out the fire - and the teachers did not try to get out on time  . The case has a lots of points that are so difficult to understand . Critical reports came from a blog and a local English paper  -now both banned to report .

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