Monday, September 16, 2013

manhole accident in Doha

What a nightmare for the parents ! A little Indian boy is floating between life and  death  in Hamad hospital . He had fallen into an uncovered manhole while walking with his family some meter ahead of their parents ! The manhole was full of sewage water and 5.5m deep . A rescuer went down to take him up risking his own life and health .
I wish so much that this little child could be saved !
Similar accident had happened not long ago .Walking in Doha has its own dangers .Newcomers may not understand the risk .The whole city is under construction and transformation . Uncovered manholes ,uncovered lamp posts speeding cars had caused accidents .Hold your child's hand tight when you walk !

Unfortunately he died .
How could these things be avoided ? Whose child is the next ? We have to think all of us who are living and rising up kids n Qatar .

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