Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Confusion about the first day of the school

Qatar has a lots of different nationalities .They have their own community schools and so far they had the freedom to choose the first day of the school / the vacations etc . But nowadays the Qatari  authorities try to make every  school to follow the same school calendar .

Here it is how it went this year . We called the school of our  kids just to be informed that the first day of the school would start September 10 . How nice -  I thought . On Tuesday they start and they go to school three days only. For the first week it is enough .  Considering the difficulty to get up early after the summer when many kids go to bed late ...
Then my husband went to the school to pick up the books on September 8  and learned that the school already started . So September 9  we sent the kids to school . Then we opened the Gulf  Times to read that every school should start September 10 . Many parents believed  this was the case and only one third of  the kids turned up at the school  yesterday .

I hope next year we will be informed on time about the first day of the school .Even better we should get a school  timetable  at the beginning of the year about holidays and the last day of the school .

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