Monday, July 17, 2017

Health Club - Saraya Corniche Hotel review

We arrived  on a Friday afternoon in Ladies Time . It is a great thing that they have such hours .So few places in Qatar has such time when the expectations for most Muslim ladies not to mix with  men when swimming . We had a pass for one single day . We were thinking about a two monthly membership before arriving .

 In the changing room water was flowing everywhere  . Some people took shower and due to the wrong inclination of the floor   water  did not go to the  floor drains but came out . So typical mistake around here !  

I wanted to work out in the fitness room and my trainers got all wet !

We were the only customers in the gym and it was fine . No music , no  employees - just the CNN and Trump and Macron - we were forced to watch them .:(  no remote control ,either .

After that we got to the swimming pool area .  Right as we entered  there was a pool of 1 .46 m  with jacuzzi and two families . Kids pool was in an upper level . It was a strange ,long narrow pool .

There were only 2 other mums wit their kids .

So I just started to swim in the pool near the jacuzzi  when a little girl jumped into the deep water and started  to sink  and come up  - she did not know how to swim ... I screamed and swam towards her -  I hoped to be able to grab her from behind without she pulls me down  ... just a second before I could have caught her  the mom jumped in and pulled her out .So much relieved we were .

She was showing me  that her hearts beats very much . So did mine . My relaxing afternoon project was ruined . I was very tense after this traumatic experience !Though I kept swimming  during the coming one hour every time a child approached I yelled at them " this is deep water - can you swim ?" Most of them was not able  to do so .

While swimming I was reading the house rules . Number 12  -  everybody is using the pool on his own risk . The hotel does not take any responsibility in case of injury  or death .

No lifeguard was employed . A five star hotel ! 

When the ladies hours finished we returned to the changing room's area  - it was incredibly messy . No cleaner turned up during all this time . However it  had sauna and steam room . We opted for the sauna but it was out of order . The steaming room worked . Finally it was the best part of our health club experience . It was very small -only two seats -but strong ,clean vapor came without any bad smell . 

Meanwhile I came across an employee  who just came to use the toilet  - i asked her to bring us towels as in the swimming pool area   towels just finished  - she was just kind  to help us  -it was not her job ... they did not provide  shower gel  - only lotion and hair conditioner was available ...

 It could have been a nice afternoon if they had some cleaner in the changing room area  and some employees in the swimming pool .it is absurd that customers has to pull out drowning kids from the pool ! House rule number 12 should be cancelled !

 I can not understand how any hotel not alone a five star hotel can leave  their guests on their own without staff  this way they did !

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