Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dairy products and Turkish vocabulary - Qatar 50 day of siege

It  had been the Saudi who brought to Qatar  a lots of dairy products before : milk  , laban , labneh , sour cream , keshta , creme caramel used to be my favourites .  They used to be the cheapest counter . It  has been for 50 days that they do not bring it anymore ...

 In one  supermarket where I frequently go  - there is a long  counter offering dairy products . Two third of it has been always Western ,expensive , medium priced products from France , Germany ,USA  even there is one Hungarian cheese brand .

 When my friends ask me if I find  food for us  in Qatar then I say - yes . There is no reason to feel sorry for us . Especially when I think of some war torn countries citizens in the area .

Some brands disappeared -  new ones came.

 Now the dairy counter - the cheap part is filled with Turkish and British milk . The latter is more expensive , but people understand the labels . As it is in English  .

 The Turkish dairy products do not always have info on them in English . So  at the supermarket there is a small help with  Turkish words translated into Arabic , English , Hindi , Tagalog .

  something like this

 Süt - milk ,حليب ,दूध , ,gatas
Ayran - laban 

yoğurt - 
yoghurt ,dahee ,زبادي

Meyveli  yoğurt -  fruit yoghurt ,

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