Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Qatar National Library - my first visit

I love libraries . I missed them here . I did visit smaller libraries here  belonging to clubs , schools , embassies .  But the big public libraries were in progress in Qatar .

 Arrival : the Education City is a well-known place for us . However arriving at the place was very frustrating . Due to the ongoing constructions in the area- traffic diversion was just too hard to follow . We missed one exit to  QF Gate 1 and the next one was at the Mall of Qatar's tunnel .There we managed to make a U turn . We lost minimum one hour .

 The building from outside is very impressive - a geometric shape with some retro feel from the sides . I liked the Dutch architect's work . Inside it was too cold and impersonal . Big spaces without any cozy  corner .  It would need some  green areas and some warmth . Some armchairs with  fabric -something soft  and inviting .

  Registration  - we  already registered online so we expected quick procedure . Unfortunately - there was no line for those who already registered . We had to wait until other families filled in the forms manually  etc . It took us again minimum 20 minutes . And no chairs around !

 Children's library -  surprisingly small collection . They must have spent too much money on the building itself - it was my first thought . Then I remembered  the rules - 10 books per kids can be borrowed . A lots of books must be out . My ten year old was looking for something about astronomy - but could not find anything . What is even  sadder that there was no one librarian ready to help the kids with the selection . Most of the books were for small kids .
Well behaving kids can visit the library without guardian if they are  older than 9 .

 Other facilities  -  toilets were far from the main entrance . But not far from the kids  section .
The restaurant was right next to the kids library . We just wanted to have some quick bites . It was still half an hour before closing  time but they already closed : ( . The cafe was open . One piece of cake was QR28 .
The elitist attitude !
 The library is clearly not the venue of the wealthy and rich . Some very poor looking Asian families - lower middle-class families  , students were  the majority of the visitors !  Why not to offer something affordable ?

  That was our first visit . We are planning to come back to explore more about it .

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