Thursday, November 14, 2013

In memoriam of the old zoo of Doha ...

It was not the most beautiful zoo of the world but t had certain ambiance and retro feel . I liked  some parts of it .It had  more than one thousand of trees - old trees with shades .A rare thing in Qatar . It had some fountains and small artificial creeks .It was cheap . Only five rial per person .Tuesday was preserved for ladies only .

I liked their zebras the most .. -I loved to watch them and seeing me they  often came very close to me . Their elephant once scared me very much .It was very loud and  was moving towards the fence . The  zoo was not very big but just the right size for little kids .After watching animals we usually had a picnic in the grass and then we went to the playground  of the Zoo
Lovely memories . Good -bye old Zoo of Doha .

may the new Safari park come as soon as possible !

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