Saturday, November 09, 2013

what really happened to little Gloria Huang

 I have been reading the  international /western press for a while . Their coverage on this issue is a one sided story ..

 They emphasize that there is a cultural misunderstanding / that cross race adoption is common place in The USA  and the Qatari police is ignorant . It was really shocking that someone from the officials here called the adopted African child " not good-looking "  - in fact they are really good-looking ones  - I think .

But a little girl died in Qatar. She had not eaten for three days then . And the American parents did not take her to the emergency in time . This little fact does not disturb the western media at all .

I have a picky eater at home . But if he refuses eating and drinking just for 24 hours then I will rush to the emergency . I can not understand why the Huangs did not rush . What were they waiting for three days ?

And I do not understand the western media  , either , Why these questions are not put up ?

  The trials are not over yet . The Huangs are  out of the prison but they can not leave the country .

We all want to know what really happened to this little girl .

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