Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Doha Zoo expected to Open in 2017

 So the old Zoo with its retro feel and sometimes sad conditions is over . The coming new zoo will be wonderful : Just imagine  more than 12 thousand trees will be planted . I was happy to read that the 1 thousand trees from the old zoo will be preserved . From this numbers we can see that the new zoo will be much bigger facility than the old one . Seven times .Three continents will be represented  and the experience of the different climates :  safari trips ,  car trips , trekking on foot through safe passages, trips by boats and Children’s Safari . Even the experience of the rain . Wow !

The  only problem is that my kids will be  four year older and less interested in wild animals - I guess .

By the way  - who knows something about Al muntazah Park? It was closed down for maintenance  in 2004 and it is still closed and no maintenance was observed .

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