Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Watching the November 3 solar eclipse from the Aspire park

It was wonderful experience -all the family but one watching the eclipse together from the hill of the park .
I expected crowds but there were only a few other people observing the celestial event .I expected that local authorities would distribute solar eclipse  glasses but no one did .

All of it started at 4:20 -at that time the sun was up and strong and looking into it was disturbing even for some seconds only . At this place near the Equator the sun sets quickly .So within ten minutes we could see the setting sun and the moon cutting a large arch from the bottom of it .  The sun reminded me first to a big croissant then I thought that t was rather a parachute . Then at 4 :45 all of  it disappeared . The sun set and we heard the call for prayer .It had a special sound then.

Most people did not show interest in the event or just they did not know about it .They were walking running playing in the park as usual .

We had some madeleine  with milk from the nearby cafe and we all thought that it was a very special event .

.The next solar eclipse from Qatar will be  on December 26 ,2019 ! Early morning - do not miss it ! :)

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