Sunday, November 24, 2013

Death of a six year old

A little boy was playing  in the street when he was  crushed to death on Saturday . It happened in Al -Wukair . This is the short news I read . Terrible accident  - that I am afraid from so often . I let my children sometimes play in the street /parking lot .When the traffic is very little . But even so  -it is not the place for kids to play .
In Hungary in the town where I lived most blocks have a little garden and the number of playgrounds is much bigger than here .Here the blocks are designed with  no gardens .When one lives in a compound then it is OK  there are facilities  where kids can play safe but  outside the compounds  the parks  can not be reached easily .

I just wonder when I compare the town planners in Hungary and in Qatar . How well it is made in Hungary !Every district has its own park ,playground ,green area .

When we chose our place to  rent a flat in Doha we considered its proximity  to a park . We have a park just five minute drive from our home . Walking there is life threatening as there is a main road where the traffic is very heavy and no pedestrian cross at all .

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