Sunday, August 17, 2014

Buffet Breakfast at the Mercure Grand Hotel

I knew that it was cheap and I did not have high expectation . There was enough food on the tables but nothing special . The sushi was a nice surprise - there were only two kinds of them -but very well made . The sauteed mushroom was really good . At the live cooking station I had my favourite omelet made .There was a large selection of bakery products as well - but they were not fresh and tasted like the ones from the supermarket . There were some dishes that I found strange for a breakfast : chicken curry for example or penne . I understand that they are trying to please Asian customers as well . For the continental breakfast I found mortadellas - the cheapest kind of salamis - some slices of edami and fetas-eggs and franks . So it was not large at all . The cereals did not look inviting . For desserts there were tiny cakes - the one with cappucino flavor
was very nice - some sliced fruits were also offered .
The drinks came in very small glasses and cups .That was really not nice having to walk three times to get some drink .At the same time the place was full of unsupervised little kids who were on my way while balancing with some hot drink .
It was not the best buffet breakfast of my life - but it was OK . I had an omelet / edami and feta cheese / mushroom sautee /sushi and some rolls .

The waiters were working hard but not very happily - they were supervised very strictly by their bosses .The booking procedure was simple -everything went smoothly .

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