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Finding the right school for your child

Finding the right school for your child can be a challenging task . It is not always the best sounding name that provides the best quality education . Actually we found a wonderful school for our child some years ago at a school which was not very well known . At the same time my friends got their kids enrolled into an illustrious school - yes the name sounded very well internationally - but what they found there was very poor education at some subjects ( teachers with not understandable English / subjects where no teachers were provided but exam expected etc .)

Actually I know people who moved back to their own country and gave up their carrier in Qatar because they were so much disappointed at the quality of the education of the school that they chose for their children . And they simply could not believe that better education exists in this country at any other school .

So you really have to take your time and try to figure out which school would be fine for your budget /lifestyle / your child personality .It can be very harmful for the future of your kids and family if you chose the wrong one .

There is a list of schools where you can find all the existing schools in Qatar .

A lots of international schools open for anyone . Some international schools are made for the Muslim kids as they have daily religion and Arabic .The independent schools are for local children but one can find a lots of non-Qatari kids there as well . I do not know how children can get into those schools .I guess that government-close companies can provide places there . I heard that they are very well equipped new schools but I am not sure about the quality of the education . Community schools are for certain nationalities : Japans , Norwegians , Indians , expat Arabs ,Germans , French and more all have their own schools in Qatar .

So far the large Indian schools accepted non- Indian students but recently they complain that there are not enough sits for the Indian kids themselves .They were popular among some expats for their low fees / strong English ( Indian kids speak English among each other ) and Maths . They were infamous for the stress they put on the kids and on their way they force the kids stand on the sun in scorching heat . ( nearly every year the government had to threaten them for they give up assemblies outdoors in May /June ) in short they are not so much child centered .

I hope I could help you with this post . I have been here in Qatar for ten years and I heard a lot . If you are a mother looking for school for her kids then you can e-mail me for more information :

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