Sunday, April 14, 2013

Been to the Africa Festival ?

How did you like it ? I was absolutely amazed by the African art and  attitude .We saw African acrrobats /dancers / an African monster which reminded me very much to the Hungarian Busho  - we saw a lots of masks and sculpture . One of them look like an ET - really ! Colorful African textile and art . We saw a lots of African families living among us in Qatar but not noticing them  here .The highlight for my kids was the African drums . They were invited to the stage to perform with an African band and with twenty other kids . It was a really great experience to be united by the rythm  of the drums sounds .
We even got free food and drink . Some  rice with lamb /chicken couscous was offered with pineapple juice and ginger juice . They came in small dishes but even so . Rarely  I can mention you any event here where anything is offered for free . I remember a book fair where at the French  corner sweets were offered only for people with Qatari look . I was there with two little kids  who were screaming : Me too , me too ...
 I really wish to learn more about Africa after this  festival .

See photos here 

P. S. this festival reminds me a  North- African festival in our hometown in Hungary where  I was working as an interpret - it is a story that I must tell one day  - how  this exciting and wonderful event turned into a nightmare

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