Sunday, April 28, 2013

Light Showers in Doha and the secrets of the desert truffles

silent rains in Doha and  the desert truffle

 The  weather is not as hot as it was last week .   The sky is covered with clouds and a few drops are  coming down from the sky .It is called  light shower here .
 I enjoy this weather very much .Yesterday while sitting outside we were watching the sunset with clouds  then  the round shaped moon with  white vales .

 I just told to myself : Had been living here for ten years and I still do not know how the desert truffle search is made in Qatar . In Europe it is made by the help of pigs - but as in the Muslim countries pig is considered as an unclean creature then it is impossible that it is the same way .

 Then I just came across this article . I learnt the secret .Go to the desert after rains . Look for the plant called desert sunflower . Then try to  draw a circle  with  one meter radius around the plant  . Then you have to dig from five to ten centimeters  and you might be the lucky one who will find the truffles . They sell it 3000  Qatari rial a kilo . It is in February and March when you  find the most  .Especially in the North .

  Read this if you want to find out why it is a good idea to sell  truffles in Qatar !

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