Sunday, April 07, 2013

the last day of the park bazaar

It was the last day of the MIA park bazaar on Saturday before the hot season .It was a windy day and I had thought that it might have been called off but it did not happen so .Though there were some empty tables but there were a lots of artists : I saw origami ,paintings ,handmade jewelry ,fancy shaped soaps and a lots of people selling not original art but handmade products from their countries /simply homemade food or even secondhand books and clothes .It seemed that the organizers let it to be an attractive community event where people get together and sell what they have whether it is art or not .
It is free ! So every craft men and women should be ready  for the next art bazaar in November !

I liked Sue Akers  handmade jewelry very much .She was wise enough to have her business cards ready on her table .This way I managed to show my readers her page .Think about having your own business cards .

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