Monday, January 14, 2013

how to make karak

 This cold  windy weather  calls for a  hot drink ! Karak is a kind of spicy oriental tea  which is very popular in Qatar

 It is  always sweet  and comes with milk .

  Basically it is  strong tea cooked with cardamom seeds and  sugar   then creamy milk added

 Recipe : 1  boil water
                2 add loose  tea ( Wizza  tea is preferred by the locals)  1  teaspoonful/cup
                3 add cardamom seeds and  sugar accordng to your taste  keep boiling them for some minutes
                4 pour   it  into  cups and let it set for some minutes
                5finally add some creamy  milk ( rainbow  milk is preferred by many )
 the tea -milk proportion is also a question of taste

  the result is a velvety /smooth  hot drink with spicy oriental touch

  there is  a simple way  to get your karak   - simply make strong tea then add the canned tea-milk which is already flavoured with  cardamom seeds

 I this your cup of tea ?


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