Friday, September 05, 2014

UK human rights workers dissappear in Qatar

According to Al-Jazeera the two UK human rights workers went missing just before they were about to leave the country .
One of them was complaining to a friend via sms that they were being followed by police and agents .Qatar officials could not be reached for comment .

The story is very strange -human right workers has been flocking to Qatar ever since it won the right of organizing FIFA world cup .They have never been arrested .

In spite of claims of 'slavery" third world country workers keep coming to Qatar in large number on their own decisions .The life on the constructions is not an easy one .It is certainly not a holiday here .Qatar was responding to criticism of human rights activists and promised to improve the workplace safety, housing and pay conditions .
Difficult to understand why those guys were arrested .


The Foreign Ministry has confirmed that two British men, who were arrested by security authorities on August 31, are being interrogated for violating the provisions of Qatar’s laws.


UK human right workers held in Qatar fred
A spokesperson for the British embassy in Qatar said: "The British embassy can confirm that Krishna Upadhyaya and Gundev Ghimire have been released."


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