Monday, September 01, 2014

I like my bike

Riding a bike in Qatar ? No way .
It is very dangerous on the roads and there are no bike paths at all .
During Ramadan when in afternoon the streets become deserted in the afternoon then it is nice .
I like my bike . I left it in HUngary . It had served me for so longtime . On the great plain in HUngary we use the bike as a mean of transport . Simply , it is practical to go to the market and here and there . We got more and more paths for bicycles at home . Even in Budapest ,one can find nowadays paths like that .
I learnt to ride the bike when I was six. It was my father's bike in fact .He used to hold me from behind until the glorious moment that I managed to keep my balance on that big bike .
I got my first bike when I was eight . I had been saving for that for a year . At the end of the school year my parents added some money to my savings and we bought a second hand but never used bike for my size . it was shining - it had the metal smell . I was sooo happy . It was stolen from me in the first week ...
My parents felt so sorry for me that they bought for me another one soon after that .

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