Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 20 Fire at the Villaggio Mal

— Qatar Living (@qatarliving) September 21, 2014

It seems the everybody was safe and sound after a fire broke out at the food court of Villaggio Mall .I saw a video in the fb and it seemed that people left the place in civilized way -no stampedes or such things . Some years ago there was a terrible loss of life when a fire broke out in a Nike shop under a nursery .There was enough time to save the kids but nobody understands how but the firefighters were informed about the nursery only half an hour after they arrived . By then nearly everyone suffocated and those who did not died later in the ambulance car .
So those who had been living n Qatar for a while fire and Villaggio means an irreparable loss of lives .
God Save us from that tragedy would happen again !
Otherwise Villaggio is a long building and most of the facilities are downstairs and it is easy to leave it in case of emergency .It used to be my favourite place until that tragedy .

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