Saturday, September 20, 2014


Our culinary adventurousness took us to the fabulous Pearl island in Doha . We wished to try the breakfast At  Casa Paco ! 
Enjoy a Spanish Breakfast
was  the slogan of their advertisement ! We were very excited - we have never had a Spanish breakfast in our lives ! I expected  fresh Spanish bread and other culinary surprises .
As we entered la Croisette 22 -23  building we heard relaxing music of syrinx . It must be the music of this Casa Paco - I thought . We   had booked a table and I   told about it to someone who looked like  staff . Then he called someone and a woman came out from the kitchen to seat us .Her mouth was full of food , She was wearing the apron of a chef . Very unprofessional service  - that was my first thought .
 The soft melody of syrinx stopped as well - and  we heard  familiar  sounds of a radio station , Wait - I know it ! Yes - this is Oryx FM live  - the French radio station of Qatar ! How very strange ! This is a Spanish restaurant and I thought the music  should be Spanish too .Later I learnt that she was a parisienne !
 Then we got the breakfast . First came the toast . It was real  sandwich bread of the cheapest kind that is available in Doha - and even it was stale !It came with the cheapest jam and butter and honey  and none of them was Spanish !

It was like an insult ! I looked at the plastic flower at the table and I felt that something was wrong here ...
 When the eggs cooked in tomato sauce came we had no more bread . We had to pay 15 rial for two slices of extra toast from those stale sandwich bread ! The tiny sausages tasted  exactly like those Egyptian ones from the Carrefour !
 The eggs were OK ...but the breakfast finished here . It was the small breakfast . It was really small . Everyone was still hungry . I ordered small because according to previous experience portions are very generous here in Doha  and for 49 rial I expected a meal .. copius  one . The big breakfast came  with some extras   like :  bacon and a tiny portion of patatas bravas  , Two American style pancakes and finally  crispy  bastella pancakes . That was 99 rial and it was still not enough !

We decided to leave quickly . When paying the chef gave us coupons  for 50 % discount for their  buffet dinner . It would cost  us only 60 rials. We  did not feel like coming back ever .
 There is only one reason someone should come here - their terrace has wonderful view to the Marina ...and when the weather is mild it is nice sitting around there  ...

We got into the car and drove to the nearest supermarket as we were very hungry .... That was our  adventure with the Spanish  cuisine in Doha !

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