Sunday, September 28, 2014

Numbers in Qatar 2014 August

Birth in August : 1880 out of them 539 Qataris
Death in August : 162 out of them 51 Qataris

Marriage in August : 261 contracts
Divorce in August : 77 cases

The  figures of birth  and death suggest that only about one third of the population is native here  and around two thirds are expats . It shows that the society is very young . The number of birth is very high . It also shows that most probably   the majority of expats and Qatari mothers  decide to give birth in Qatar   though for the expats' children it will not give any kind of benefit . "Born in Qatar " does not mean  neither citizenship or  allocation  for the non-Qatari babies .
I think it is the quality of the hospital service and  the low price of government hospital  that  encourages mothers to  give birth here .Also the great number of female doctors available  and the right to choose one of them instead of male doctors  . This   keeps here  the expat mums especially the Muslim ones .

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