Monday, December 09, 2013

The usual Park bazaar in December - review

One month ago we were suffering by the heat when visiting the bazaar . This month it was already much colder and very windy . A sweater was not exaggeration after sunset ... Some of the stalls were turned over by a heavy gust of wind .

We found a  good number of sellers and contrary to our expectation it was not full of Xmas related items . If I had arrived with  a lots of money I would have certainly bought some African batik textile /Indian carved chess set / a book from Gillespie about Qatar  and more Italian dishes from the stall of that lady . I learned a very important thing . Pizza frita or something  is just like our Hungarian langos . That fried flat bread that is so much loved in Hungary . I have always thought that it was a Hungarian recipe . Now I am not sure at all .

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