Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Camp of Darb Alsaai - National Day programs from 8th to 18th December

Where : Darb Alsaai camp  - opposite the  Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel

When :Starts: Sunday, 8 December 2013
Ends: Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What Time :Morning Hours  From 08:00 To 12:00
Evening Hours   From 03:30 To 10:00

Heritage Village style exhibitons and activities

 What to expect : Camel taming for children and some camel shows


                                  Horse beauty show

                                   A show of Qatari riders on Arabian horses, old Qatari style

                                  School session - Shows by independent schools 

                                  Government entities Interactive and informative activities

                                  falconry hunting

                                  An exhibition of old cars used for Miqnas (hunting) in the past

                                  Al Rawi (The Story teller) 

                                  Al Rababa A musical instrument

                                  Handicrafts textile, pottery and swords making

                                  Al Azeema - Cooking Qatari authentic food, following traditional methods

                                  Al Hallal Sheep and goats grazing

                                  Albadia (Desert) Drawings inspired by the Qatari desert and its wild life

                                  Natural environment in Qatar

                                  Khatf Shraa Raising the sails of (Dhows)

                                   Falq Almahar  - Open of oysters to extract the pearl

                                  Al Mutawaa - Teacher who used to teach kids in Mosque in the past

                                  Sadah radah - Running race, Qatari style

                                   Aldamah - Old entertainment game

                                    Traditional cafe

                                  Al Fereej The main tent which the traditional cultural activities will take place like Ardha Add el Qaseed (poetry reciting) Elmrada (girls traditional dance) and Oratory

                                 Al Maseera Classic Cars parade along with camels and horses

                                 Al Timba Football matches as used to be in Qatar in the past

                                  AL Hooch Play area for children under the age of 10 Years

​                                  Al Maqlat Food court

                                   HMC Health Awareness activities

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