Monday, December 02, 2013

Leopard attacks five year old in Doha

 An innocent looking leopard cub attacked a five year old local boy in Doha , Qatar yesterday .The attack happened near the circus tent which can be found in the parking lot of  Hyatt Plaza . The mother of the victim just wanted to take photo with the leopard cub as a paid service available there when the cub seized the throat of the preschooler to the greatest horror of the mother and the  visitors . Some men threw themselves on the wild animal and with great hardship they managed to pull the leopard cub from the boy .He was rushed to the hospital . Luckily he survived the attack .

International organizations has been protesting against animals  in the circus for decades .Such attacks happen world wide quite often .

UPDATE ; the little boy is out of  danger but still in hospital 

STRANGE :  somewhere I read that the boy's name is Fahd which means leopard in Arabic ...Nomen est Omen ?

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