Monday, December 09, 2013

National Day park bazaar

if  you are in art and craft then you are invited to sell at special National Day Bazaar in MIA Park on Saturday 14 December. 
 National Day related items will be allowed  - including food ,homemade and handmade products such as jewelry  arts, crafts, clothing, souvenirs and much more. 
 It was today that this ad was published on the MIA facebook page .I wonder if this was not too late . To prepare for an event like that . If I had time or energy then I would try to sell photos / t-shirts . But I do not have .In fact I have already  designed a lots of items related to Qatar .But those items are printed in the US and it takes time to get them .

 You can have a  look at them here.

To book a table to show your National Day related products at this unique event, please register at or Mobile +97455510744 , Office +97444224536 by 3.30pm on Wednesday 11 December

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