Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Book Fair Experience 2013

Arriving there my husband dropped us as it was not easy to find parking space .Later he told us he had to leave the car at the Katara - as no space was available closer ,
The fair was huge .So many stalls and publishers .We concentrated on books for kids .Bought some fun math books for my math lover and a beautiful big book for the craft lover child . Then they became tired and listened to the story-tellers -both Arabic and English .That gave me the chance to look around on my own .I found so many Arabic publishers .I have heard that only 30% of the population is Arabic speaking here  - there were a lots of books in English as well .I was disturbed by the stalls -so many of them are selling in a way that you can not take a book in  your hand but you have to ask for it from high shelf .It is difficult to browse this way the books .  I was interested in language learning ,cook books ,alternative medicine .But I found nothing exciting . There might have been some -but    checked out only a little part of the fair . There were no any information about where to look for those books . I saw people walking with the Tribe bookshop bag  - I like that place and wished to check them out but simply could not find their stall .
Many kinds of educational toys were on sale as well .I looked for a simple traditional chess set -but found no one .
Exhausted by the book hunt we took a rest on the red velvet seats of the lounge .I love Exhibition Center .It is so chic .Just this time the only cafe there was so much crowdy that it was rather a tiring than relaxing experience to get a drink .
When we were leaving I saw the famous Muslim scholar -Karadawi -arriving at the book fair .Inside the fair L .Ron Hubbard 's books were sold by smartly dressed agents . How very strange -I thought !

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