Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Supermarket in the West - Bay

New Supermarket is opening in Qatar  today .Monoprix is a is a major French retail chain .
 Its  outlet will be in the West- Bay between the twin Palm Towers also near the Tornado Tower . Will they offer better  prices than Carrefour ?  The French community is puzzled to see if their favorite gourmet food will  have a more affordable price there than at the Carrefour .

A horrifying example  -   a jar of  pickled gerkins  by Amora  costs in the Carrefour 32 QR (almost € 6.5!) 

 What a luck that I find more reasonable priced pickles at the Megamart  !

 The  made in Sri-lanka pickles  in sweet-sour- hot marinade is my favorite one  there ! Very similar to the Hungarian ones .

 For more info on Monoprix  in Qatar just visit them on the Facebook !

  Update : they are open   from 8 to 10 daily  on Fridays there is prayer time break between 11 h30 and 12 
parking : more chance to find parking inside the office building after 5 pm and on holidays   

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