Sunday, October 06, 2013

We will have our letters and parcels delivered soon

I can't believe it ! After so many years of living without letters popping into  our mailbox  we will have the joy of  reading our mails instantly .We had to go to the main post office so far  to check out the  our post box  for what we had to pay annual fee . It was so hard .Though we do not leave far from there but the traffic jam is so terrible . Otherwise I like the main post office in Doha  - go and  visit it in case you have never been there .It has some retro atmosphere with fountain inside /cafe inside /exhibitions inside .And the information is written in exotic languages besides English and Arabic like  Hindi /Tamil  - or at least I found it exotic when I arrived at Doha more than a decade ago :)

This service is so much wanted . I do have relatives and even friends who do not use the internet  and  it is much easier to keep in touch with the snail mail ! Coming soon within some months !

Home delivery of mail to become reality soon

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