Saturday, October 12, 2013

Logos Hope in Qatar - review

Visiting Logos Hope in Qatar

It was a nice trip on Friday afternoon to visit this floating library . It was not very difficult to find the right parking near the port .We had to buy tickets and entering a tent to show our ID card and being checked . Then we were told to get on the bus and with this free service we got to the port right to the ship .

Logos Hope is a nice big ship with the world's biggest floating library on board .At least that was the thing that they claim . I found nothing else than a medium sized library packed with not too many interesting books .We arrived here to spend money and hoped to find treasures but we did not .
Some books for the kids and a cook book and a book about home remedies .All that we bought .

I saw a lots of books for Christians .We met lovely young people who are working there . They were happy to chat with us .A UK girl even recognised our language " Ertem minden " = Understand everything -she told us in our language .

There was a cafe and small exhibition .

Doha looked beautiful through the round windows of the ship . The ice coffee was really good The Germans know how to do it .

It was a bit like we left Doha .

So we did not feel so sorry that we went .Though at the Jareer you will find more books I think .

Looking back to the ship there was only one question on my mind ; What 's for this big ship ? It must be terribly expensive .To bring some books that you can find anyway here ?To bring some books for the Christians ? Would not it be cheaper just to send those books ?
And the ship which is large - we saw only a very little part of it .????

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