Friday, October 11, 2013

Workers right in Qatar

Workers right  in Qatar

The international media is full with accusations that Qatar enslaves the laborers to build this country .Who is a slave ? According to Oxford dictionary a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them .

What is the truth ?

So many Nepali died this year -and it is very sad .
Working in Qatar's heat is a demanding task . I would not love to do it . I would die I think . Workers arriving from very poor places are coming to this country happily .But many of them are unfit physically for this type of work .Many of them are arriving malnourished .

I know that they are happy to come . This might be their only chance to break out from the poverty .But there are people in their country those middle men who  exploit them .They are taking from them recruiting fees and they are forced to pay .This way they are in a trap .When they arrive then they see that the work is very hard and when they want to go back then they can not .They have huge debts at  home .

When an accident happens at the constructions the firm must stop with the work for two weeks .That is a big fine for them  - so the companies try their bests  to avoid accidents .

Many workers think that escaping from a badly payed job is the solution .They run away from their employers  with the hopes that they can find job as a "free-lancer' this way until caught they can collect more money .

Working in Qatar 's heat as a laborer is  very though .In summer they   are not allowed to work during the hottest hours and the employer must provide them a shelter where they can take rest .

First of all I think  they should set up recruiting agencies abroad to avoid the middle men system and thus the debt-trap .The companies who delay the wages should pay compensation for that delay .Those things would be great steps .

I hope that this will be just the first step and Western- European countries will launch  a campaign for workers rights in Europe itself .
 When going home to Hungary I often hear about forced labor /unpaid wages as well .

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